Every year we get the invitations to multiple weddings. They could be our friends, colleagues, family relatives, neighbors and more. We have the best time when we are selecting the dresses that we wear to those weddings and the accessories that go with them. We are thrilled and excited for our friends that are getting married and want nothing more than to share in their joy and happiness. 

We can’t wait to go to the wedding and watch as our friends make their way up the isles and make their vows to love and cherish each other. Almost everything about weddings is a sheer source of joy and pleasure for us. But there are some things that drive us up the wall and make us try to pull our hair out. You know what we are talking about. We are talking about wedding gifts. No matter how hard you try, there is always a slight doubt in your mind that you could have done better. 

Nowadays, most of us opt for a wedding registry so that we can just get the cash that we want and buy the stuff that we actually need. And that is a very practical method of receiving gifts. This means that everyone can gift us the amount that they want to give and we can ensure that we buy everything that we need and we are not stuck with items that we don’t use but cannot throw away as they have been given to us by people who are important to us.

How to Buy Wedding Gifts for Our Loved Ones

Although most of the people who invite you to their weddings will have registered for a wedding registry, there are those rare times when you are allowed to stray from the registry and get them something that you really think will benefit them. We usually decide to skip the wedding registry and get the couple something when they are very near and dear to us and we want to show them just how much they mean to us. Here are some pointers that you can use to find out the perfect thing for the wedding couple.

Stick to Your Budget

Just because you love them a lot and the fact that they have spared no expense in conducting their wedding doesn’t mean that you bankrupt yourself in looking for the perfect gift. Buying an expensive gift and buying a gift that means a lot are two entirely different things. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that they are the same. By all means, if you have the budget, you can go for the most extravagant gift that you can think of and that will be alright. But, if you are like most of us, you will want to stick to your budget. There are a million things that you can buy or make for the couple without putting yourself in trouble. For example, a gift that’s worth every dollar is a skyhour, which is an hour of air travel, and it costs just $60! You can buy as many hours as you consider adequate for your budget. These skyhours can be used towards their honeymoon flight, which means they’re something they’ll absolutely need and will be thankful for.

Do What the Couple Want

Another thing that you can do is to stick to the couple’s plans. You might have the most brilliant and creative idea for a gift but maybe it will be useless to the bride and groom and they might not appreciate it. If they have asked for a certain item then you should buy them the item and if they have asked for money, then that is exactly what you should give them. You don’t know how they are going to use that money. Maybe they will use it to renovate their home or expand it. Maybe they will use that money to travel the world and go on their honeymoon. 

Write a Heartfelt Card

No matter what you are giving; a gift or money, a great, heartfelt card is always appreciated. If they have asked you for money and you think that giving money is a boring idea, you can get rid of that feeling by either getting them a wedding card or making them a wedding card. This way, they will have what they want and you will have what you want. You will ensure that you are sharing their special day with them and making a contribution that they will really love and appreciate. Even if you are getting them a gift, it is always a good idea to let your friends know just how much you love them. You could do your research and select a poem or a quote that will fit the event perfectly or maybe something that matches the bride and the groom’s taste. You could be as eloquent as you want in your card and express your feelings.

Fit In With Their Hobbies

If your friends have not applied to a wedding registry then that means you can buy whatever you want for them. Don’t let that distract you from buying something that they will find important and cherish for a long time. Use your imagination and be as creative as you want. You already know what your friends like and dislike. You already know what they have always been meaning to get but couldn’t due to some reason or the other. This would be just the right time for you to give them what they have always wished they had. This could be a subscription to their favorite beer or a one-year subscription to Netflix. If they love a certain book or a movie, you could give them a leather-bound complete set of Lord of the Rings or maybe Harry Potter. You can give them a Blu-Ray set of the same series if they like it.

Here are 5 ideas that can work as a great wedding gift to the newly married couple:

1- Leather-bound Cook Book

A couple that cooks together stays together (Or something like that). If you know that the bride and groom love to cook, you can give them a leather-bound recipe book where they can record all their favorite recipes and keep it handy. You can even have their names engraved on the cover for a personal touch.

2- High Thread Count Bathrobe

Nothing beats a matching set of bathrobes that the couple can wrap themselves in on a lazy Sunday.

3- Suitcase

If they love traveling then you can get them the best carry-on or a suitcase. This will ensure that they remember you wherever they go.

4- Custom Star Map Poster

Want to go with something sentimental? Give them a map of the stars on some specific date. Maybe the date they met or the date that he proposed to her.

5- Photo Album

Help them keep their memories golden with a beautiful leather-bound photo album that will look great at their coffee table.


Get one of the above gifts for your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors and you can ensure that they remember you in their fondest memories and strengthen your bond with them. Even, there are a million different things that they can do with the money and you need to help them out with their plans and goals. The more you respect their decisions, the more chances of them liking you even more. Now we know that giving money might seem a little dull and boring, but if that’s what they want, then that’s what you give.


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