6 tips for a really romantic honeymoon

really romantic honeymoon

Congratulations on your big day! You’re probably aware of how much time and effort goes into planning the wedding of your dreams and I’m sure you’re looking forward to a relaxing and well-deserved honeymoon afterward.

When we think of honeymoons we think of exotic locations with stunning, white sand beaches, crystal clear water and plenty of cocktails in the sun. But, if you’re hoping that your honeymoon will match the romance of your big day, then you’re going to need to plan a little more.

Read on for 6 tips for a really romantic honeymoon. 

Location is everything

As mentioned above, honeymoons often mean tropical beaches and plenty of sunbathing, but surely your honeymoon destination should mean more to you than that. If you’re looking to continue the theme of love and romance then your location is everything. Perhaps you could revisit the first place you went on holiday together or maybe you could take a trip to one of the most romantic locations in the world? Niagara Falls! For hotels near Niagara Falls, click the link. When you choose a destination that has love and romance at its heart, you won’t find it difficult to continue your post-wedding celebrations. 

Enjoy a private picnic

Don’t be tempted to simply eat in the hotel for the next two weeks, instead put a little thought into your next meal with a romantic, private picnic for two. Find a quiet, beautiful spot and put together a picnic of all your favorite foods and, of course, a bottle of champagne. Don’t be afraid to ask hotel staff for assistance, they may even put a picnic together for you.

A day in bed together

While it’s tempting to create an itinerary that’s positively bursting with activities and things to keep you both busy whilst you’re on honeymoon, you mustn’t neglect the fact that this is your time to spend together. Choose one day to keep yourselves shut off from the rest of the world, enjoy some intimacy and each other’s company. Order room service throughout the day, watch trashy movies and relax in each other’s arms

Hit the water

If you’re still looking for the perfect honeymoon accommodation, consider a room that has a private hot tub or pool. Then, you can spend as long as you like enjoying the bubbles and each other. Light candles, replay the song from your first dance and when you’re ready, relax in those fluffy white robes in the comfort of your own room. 

Sunrise & sunset

Whether you’re both early birds or night owls, sitting together and watching the sunrise or set over your honeymoon destination is a must. It doesn’t get more romantic than a glorious show put on by Mother Nature, especially for you. 

Let the hotel know

You may have opted against a pricey honeymoon suite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mention that you’re on honeymoon to the hotel staff. You may find that they try to add a few extra touches to make your stay as romantic and as memorable as possible. 


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