10 Renovation Trends That Will Be Popular in 2020

10 Renovation Trends That Will Be Popular in 2020

2020 brings not only a new year but a new decade which is an excellent excuse to transform your home. Whether you’ve always dreamt of renovating your home, have just purchased a house that needs a personal touch, or simply love to be kept up to date with the latest renovation trends, this post is for you. Let’s take a look at the 10 renovation trends that are set to hit 2020 with a bang.

  1. Eco-friendly design will be a priority

With the climate crisis only getting worse, a key priority when it comes to carrying out renovations in 2020 will be ensuring homes are kinder to the environment. From installing solar panels on your roof, to improving your installation, there are multiple options to ensure your home renovation is eco-friendly.

One eco-friendly way to renovate your home is to use reclaimed materials. Using reclaimed materials is not only a great way of reducing your impact on the environment, they can also give great character to your home.

  1. Bold colors will take center stage

Stepping into 2020 will see a surge in bold colors being used for home renovations. Experts in design are forecasting that the whites and grays that have defined the previous decade will be replaced by much brighter hues. With Pantone selecting Classic Blue as their color of the year, 2020 is looking bright. With the power to transform a room, adding a splash of color to a wall is a relatively cheap way to create a refreshing change and is set to be a key renovation trend in 2020.

  1. Homes will become even smarter

With advances in technology showing no signs of slowing, renovations in 2020 will see even more smart devices being installed in the home. In 2020, homeowners will be looking at ways to increase the level of automation taking control of everyday items in their homes. From installing smart lighting systems that can be controlled by your voice, or heating systems that can be turned on from your phone, turning your home into a smart one has many benefits. Predictions are saying that devices within the home will increasingly be using machine learning to adapt to our behavior in the home and we may even see the increase in artificial intelligence being used for facial recognition in home security systems. Watch this space!

  1. A growth in DIY culture

2020 will see DIY continue as a popular trend and continue into the new decade. While some jobs require a professional, there are many renovation tasks that you can do yourself. Thanks to a wealth of information online, and websites such as Pinterest and Instagram inspiring homeowners to get their hands dirty, DIY has never been more accessible.

  1. Abstract design

The last few years have seen an obsession with all things vintage when it comes to home renovations. However, for 2020 interior designers are predicting a more modern twist on home décor. Ideal Home magazine sees ‘Abstract Energy’ as a key renovation trend for 2020 that is influenced by expressionist art. Think block colors, bold and quirky patterns, and plenty of geometric shapes.

  1. The mismatched kitchen

The flat pack, plain white kitchen is becoming a thing of the past according to Good Housekeeping magazine as 2020 is set to become the year of the mismatched kitchen. Think natural wooden shelves, colorful kitchen cabinets, reclaimed wood benches, and shiny golden kitchen faucets. 2020 is the year to be creative with your kitchen renovation and to achieve the cooking space you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Concrete becomes trendy again

Another surprising trend to expect with renovations in 2020 is the emerging use of concrete as a finishing material. That’s right, more and more of us will be going for the ‘unfinished look’ to achieve a solid, functional, and stylish looking finish. Mainly to be seen in the bathroom, the rugged concrete look can be achieved using ‘micro-concrete’ on existing walls that looks like the real deal. Best to get the professionals in for this job though, as it can get messy.

  1. Renovations for well-being

Renovations in 2020 will not solely be about their aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly nature as they are also going to focus on the well-being of the residents. According to Forbes, ‘wellness focused changes’ are a key focus of those wishing to renovate their homes in 2020. In addition to creating spaces that are conducive to positive well-being, this also means investing in items that help keep us healthy. These renovations will also include non-toxic materials, circadian lighting for better sleep, and systems to purify air and water.

  1. Art everywhere

In keeping with the homes for positive well-being trend, 2020 is also set to be the year of art-focused renovations. Interior designers are encouraging us to invest in art, not just for our hallways and living rooms, but for all rooms in the home. Art can have a positive impact on our well-being, so an abstract painting in the bathroom or a sea-scape in the kitchen may be just the ticket to ensure your 2020 renovation is a success for both your eyes and your mind.

  1. Lagom is the new Hygge

While ‘Hygge’ was the word of 2016, when it came to creating the perfect home, ‘Lagom’ is set to be the new trend of 2020. Lagom is the Swedish art of living a balanced life, having enough but not too much, and living in a sustainable way. So how does this translate into home renovation? Think about using recycled and sustainable materials and removing any items that clutter your home which serve to create an unbalanced space. Wood burning stoves also feature prominently in a Lagom lifestyle thanks to using the most environmentally friendly fuel, being efficient, and incredibly cozy.

In these 10 renovation trends of 2020, there is something for everyone. Whether your home renovation is large or small, there are plenty of ideas here that can be done either on a scale to suit your needs. Think bold colors, abstract design, and a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable features and you’re sure to have your home renovation right on-trend.


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