How can lancets help me as a diabetic?

lancets help me as a diabetic

Many people who are diabetic often find themselves faced with a lot of pain when it comes to managing it. Contrary to relying simply on medication alone, taking tests and monitoring one’s blood sugar levels enables them to effectively manage and control their diabetes. While there are ways to lessen the pain experienced during testing there are several strategies that you can try to manage.

One of them is the use of lancets which are small needles used to obtain a blood sample. Although you can use a lancet alone to get a blood sample, a lancing device is much more effective. Lancets and lancing devices vary in sizes so consider your priorities first. Check out PipLancets to help you determine which lancets to use since many different brands of lancets are available. If you are diabetic or know of someone who is diabetic and have ever asked yourself, how can lancets help me as a diabetic? Below is more information on how lancets can help you.

The benefits

Lancets, especially safety lancets are great for testing blood sugar levels. They are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip preventing accidental sticks where the needle retracts into the safety lancet after you use it. Also, each lancet normally punctures and penetrates a predetermined depth and speed lessening the risk of sharp pain and injuries. 

Different from the use of strips, safety lancets can obtain enough blood samples for testing using a single stick. This helps prevent the use of multiple strips reducing the overall cost of your test.  

If you are being attended by a family member, the retractable ability of the lancet needles reduces the chances of the spread of infectious diseases. But, in such a case it’s always best to wear rubber gloves when carrying out the test. Since they are also meant for single-use, this is safe by preventing the risk of cross-infection. 

They are also small and convenient to use even when you are traveling since it would reduce your luggage size.

You do not have to load or remove a needle when using a safety lancet making it safe, especially if you are visually impaired or don’t have the strength to remove the used lancet. This may be helpful for if you have suffered from a stroke and can only make use of either one side of your body or one hand. But, be careful when picking the lancet device since a poorly designed lancet device can crack when you try pulling out the used lancet. The best would be lancets which don’t require a separate lancet device.

Though lancets are nice, small and sharp you shouldn’t use the same one repeatedly for blood sugar testing because it can cause pricking finger pain. Always dispose off any lancets or lancet device correctly and wear gloves when testing blood, especially if someone else is doing it for you. In case you can’t get any blood out of your fingers mostly in the morning when your hands are cold hands or during winter, start by washing your hands in warm water and then dry them completely using a soft towel. This will not only speed up blood flow but it will also help remove any food residuals or dirt. Also, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and take your medicine.




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