10 Things To Know Before Travelling To France

10 Things To Know Before Travelling To France

The French country is known to be a nation of love with numerous sights that you and your loved ones can savor over fantastic holiday deals. Well, so as not to land on the offensive, you have to research and get to know a few things. So when you book a trip through https://www.dealchecker.co.uk/cheap-holidays.html, you know what to do.

  1. Be courteous

Chivalry goes a long way. An effortless “hello, good morning, sorry, excuse me or pardon me” has never hurt anyone. And when you are in France, such simple acts are appreciated.

2. Learn the language

The French speak English, but their first language is French. Undoubtedly then, they communicate mostly in French, and you, as a visitor, should take the initiative to learn a bit of the language. You do not have to master the whole dialect, but a few common things are enough.

3. Appreciate the service you receive

Unlike our Asian counterparts who find tipping offensive, the French do not. As a matter of fact, handing out a tip to a deserving customer associate staff is recommended. So the next time you get exceptional service in a French restaurant, tip the waitstaff.

4. You do not have to pay for tap water

When you get to a restaurant in France and order for water, they will ask you which you prefer-bottled or tap water. Well, if you go for bottled, you will be charged on your bill, but if you go for tap water, you won’t pay. It is free! Worry not, tap water is safe for consumption.

 5. Keep an eye on your belongings

In France, just like elsewhere, there exist kleptomaniacs who are willing to steal your belongings if you neglect them; with that said, always keep a close eye to your belongings so that they are not taken.

 6. Try carpooling

In the spirit of maximizing experience and minimizing cost consider sharing a car with other tourists or locals while moving place to place. This saves you money, protects the environment, and you can get to make a new friend.

7. The French love to kiss. A lot!

In France, people are open to showing emotion. So be ready to see a lot of hand-holding, hugging and even kissing in open spaces. If you are with your loved one, why not join because you clearly cannot beat them.

8. Learn more about French gestures

In as much as they speak in French, the natives also communicate via gestures. Such gestures like the pout and others are unique to the French. (anewcareer)

9. Be polite to everyone

This goes without saying. Being polite is fundamental, even in France. Respect everyone and treat them well. It is the least you could do.

10. Learn how to choose between ‘Tu’ and ‘Vous’

In the simplest of explanations, Tu is singular and informal term while Vous is plural and formal. If you are addressing more than one person, you use Vous and Tu is used between people with an amicable relationship for example family or colleagues.


As you head down to France be sure to have the ten pointers in mind and you will not face any problem. It is the best place to spend your holiday.


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