Planning a Hawaiian Getaway? Here Are the Best Times of the Year to Go!


There’s no one perfect time to visit America’s 50th state. As tourism in Hawai continues to hit record highs, it’s important to recognize how the different times of year will affect your vacation.

Depending on what you’re looking to get out of your Hawaiian getaway, the time of year that you decide to travel will help determine how successful your trip to the Aloha state is.

So continue reading and we’ll help you figure out when the best time for you to travel is.

The Best Times of Good Weather

April and May are two of the best overall months to visit Hawaii. That’s because spring is settling in and everything is in bloom. Let’s dive deeper into what these two months will mean for your vacation.


Many people associate the spring months with rain. However, that’s not the case for Hawaii, which mainly experiences its raining season during the winter.

During the day, you can expect average temperatures to be in the low 80s and high 70s. Evenings are going to get a little cooler as they dip to the 60s.

Also, the waters in April are warm enough to swim and surf in.

The driest areas of Hawaii during this month are the southwestern parts of Oahu, south Maui, and The Kohala Coast on Big Island. These areas are going to experience the most sunshine and the least amount of rain.

If you’re strolling around at night, carrying an umbrella is good to have just in case. However, if you climb up some volcanoes, you might need long pants and a jacket.

There are also not as large crowds in Hawaii in April. And since kids are still in school, adult couples may find more peace and quiet during this time. However, it’s best to avoid visiting around Easter as the islands see a spike in tourism during this time.


Many people consider May to be the perfect month for visiting Hawaii. During this time, the crows aren’t too bad and the weather is at its most ideal.

Temperatures during this month will stick around the mid 80s while the evenings will experience degrees in the low 70s. This makes it ideal beach weather.

May is also one of the least crowded months of the year for Hawaii. However, it’s important to note that the first week of May experiences a lot of visitors from Japan. This is because many Japanese are celebrating Golden Week.

Waikiki, a neighborhood of Honolulu, is usually the busiest island during this time. Also, Memorial Day Weekend experiences more crowds than usual.

The Best Time for Smaller Crowds

September may be the best month for visiting Hawaii for those who don’t want to experience large crowds. During this time, the crowds from summer start to drop off and the various costs go down as well.

However, you’ll still get balmy temperatures, warm beaches, and a variety of fun festivals that run throughout the whole month.

Even though September means the end of summer, you’re still going to get summer temperatures. During the day, the temperatures should be in the mid to high 80s. When the evening comes around, the temperature should dip a bit to the mid 70s.

When you visit volcanoes and other mountainous areas, the temperatures will lower more. So be sure to bring the proper attire if you plan on doing any climbs.

For those who want to spend the majority of their time at the beach, September and October actually bring the warmest ocean temperatures. And even though fall means the start of the rainy season, September is still a relatively dry month.

It’s important to realize that drier climates also affect the waterfalls in Hawaii. So even though water should still be running, they may not be as powerful as they are during the rainy months.

You should also be aware that September, as well as August, are the peak season for hurricanes int he Pacific. Even though Hawaii is a low-risk area for dangerous hurricanes, it’s still something to keep in mind when planning your vacation.

As far as crowds go, the Labor Day weekend rush is quite busy. But after that, the crowds die down significantly. Summer is now coming to an end and the kids need to go back to school.

During this time, Hawaii usually sees its least amount of visitors.

September Events

The Aloha Festival in Oahu lasts throughout the month of September. It features parades, local food, music, and street parties.

On Big Island, you can experience the Hawaii Island Festival. This is a festival dedicated to the history and culture of Hawaii.

The Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Agricultural Festival is a major agricultural festival in Big Island. It celebrates chefs, food producers and processors, as well as the consumers.

The Mokihana Festival is a week-long event that occurs on the island of Kauai. The festival is dedicated to Hawaiian culture and features hula competitions, music, and educational talks.

Best Time to Escape the Cold

If you’re experiencing the fall blues, then October would be an excellent month for you to visit Hawaii. During this time, the weather is comfortable, the hotel rates are much more affordable, and there are events galore going on.

Although mid-fall does mean more rain, the rainy season hasn’t kicked into full gear yet. You might see more rain now than in May but it should be anything that’s bad enough to ruin your vacation.

It usually rains at night in Hawaii. So you will more than likely be fast asleep while the rains are coming down. Also, the showers tend to occur in short, sudden bursts.

By choosing to stay on the leeward side of the islands, you’ll most likely experience less rain. You can also pick the right island to avoid most of the rain. For example, Big Island experiences the least amount of rain in October while Kauai sees the most rain.

Temperatures are ideal during this month. During the day, they hover around the high 80s. As the sun sets, they tend to be around the mid 70s. Many people prefer these temperatures to the winter and spring months where temperatures tend to be in the middle 60s.

Because the ocean temperatures are so warm, it’s a great time to swim and surf. Even just walking along the shore can be enough to help bring you to a calm state.

Just like with the other warm months, make sure to bring a jacket and pants with you if you plan on reaching higher altitudes. October is also during hurricane season. Although this shouldn’t affect your trip, it’s still good to be aware that it’s a thing.

October Events

October is also the perfect time to avoid all of those bustling crowds from summer. And since the holidays are still several months away, you’re going to get plenty of peace and quiet.

Although Hawaii rarely experiences huge crowds of people, October is definitely ideal for people who want as much solitude as possible. But there are still plenty of fun events worth checking out while you’re there.

The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival occurs on several islands over three weekends in October. During this festival, world-renowned chefs prepare foods and promote sustainability.

The Coconut Festival in Kauai is completely dedicated to the much-loved coconut. During this event, attendees can see cooking demonstrations, coconut-themed games, coconut cook-offs, crafters, artisans, pie-eating contests, and other fun activities. Not to mention plenty of coconut treats.

One of Kauai’s most important events is the Emalani Festival. During this time, the streets are filled with hula, singing, history, and other spectacles.

The Maui Fair brings fun for the whole family. It’s educational and features plenty of art exhibits, local food, livestock, entertainment, homemaking, horticulture, and competitions.

When you plan a trip to Hawaii, it’s important that you understand the differences between the islands so you can pick the best one to stay on.

Picking the Perfect Time of Year for Your Hawaiian Getaway

There really is no wrong time of year to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii. Still, we can clearly see that different times of year are going to be ideal for different types of people.

Before planning your dream Hawaiian getaway, make sure that you brush up on the events, weather, and business beforehand.

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