Home Projects For Men and Women

home projects for men

Every year, Americans spend over $454 billion on home improvement projects.

It’s easy to assume that women are the ones spearheading the majority of these tasks. Men can get in on the home improvement game, too, though. From building to decorating, there’s plenty of work to go around for both men and women.

If you want to update your home and want to get your partner involved, keep reading. Listed below are some fun ideas for home projects for men and women.

Home Projects for Men

If you’re having a little trouble getting your partner interested in home improvement, consider approaching it from the angle of increasing the resale value of the home. Some men might be more willing to participate in these projects if they know they’re contributing the sale price of the house in the future.

Here are some projects that are great starting points:

Changing the Lighting

An easy yet effective way to update one’s home is to start with the light fixtures. Replacing old, outdated light fixtures with some that are new and modern can change the entire look of the house. It can also help to (literally) brighten the place up so that it’s easier to show off what a great place it is.

Changing the light fixtures isn’t too difficult. It’s the kind of project that can be completed in an afternoon without too much trouble. It makes a big difference once it’s finished, though.

Improving the Landscaping

Updated landscaping also has a big impact on the appearance of your home. It’ll help you make a great first impression as soon as people pull up to the curb. Some landscaping projects that the man in your life might want to tackle include keeping the lawn mowed, trimmed, and free of weeds, as well as planting low-maintenance trees or shrubs that new owners won’t have any trouble taking care of once you’ve moved on.

Updating the Floors

Swapping out the carpet for hardwood floors is another way to make your home feel more elegant and updated. This is definitely a big task, but it can be broken down into stages to make it more manageable. With the right team on board, you can easily get this job taken care of over the course of a few weekends.

Powerwashing the Exterior

If the exterior of your house is looking a bit dingy, considering taking a power washer to it. Powerwashing is a simple way to make your house look newer and nicer without having to worry about painting or replacing siding. Powerwashing is also fairly easy to do in an afternoon, so it’s a great weekend task that won’t take up too much time.

Building a New Addition

If you really want to level up your house and make it appealing to future buyers, building a new addition to increase the square footage is worth considering.

Obviously, this is a big undertaking and won’t get done in an afternoon or a weekend. If the man in your life is looking for a new project that will add value to your house, though, this is a good option to think about.

Home Projects for Women

While your partner is hard at work improving the home and bolstering its resale value, there are plenty of things you can do to make it more appealing. The following projects are great options for women to consider tackling:

Clearing Clutter

One of the best steps women can take to revamp their homes is to get rid of clutter that’s weighing them down and preventing them from enjoying what they have. If you want to feel better about your house as it is, start by getting rid of what you no longer need.

Clear out the clutter building up in your closets or garage and hold a yard sale or donate the unneeded items to a local charity. You’ll be amazed at how much more open your home feels when you’re done.


Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you can start reorganizing what’s left.

Invest in some inexpensive organization tools, such as plastic bins from the dollar store, and use them to create order in your home. These bins work great in pantries, closets, and bathrooms and can help you keep your belongings neat and in order.

Limiting clutter is great for the resale value of your home, too.

Boosting Curb Appeal

You may not want to take on big landscaping projects like planting shrubs or trimming the lawn. There are lots of other, less strenuous ways to boost curb appeal, though.

For example, planting some perennial flowers in the front yard will brighten it up and make it seem more inviting. Repainting the front door can have a positive effect as well.

Updating the Bathrooms

Maybe you don’t have the time or budget for a full remodel. That doesn’t mean you can’t update and refresh the bathrooms in your home to make them a bit nicer, though. Investing in new towels, shower curtains, and decorations can transform your bathrooms in a big way.

Refreshing the Bedrooms

In addition to updating the bathrooms, you may want to look for ways to refresh the bedrooms as well.

Consider buying new bedding and try switching up the materials you choose for the pillowcases and sheets. This will help you settle the satin vs silk pillowcase debate once and for all.

Purchase some new decor as well or revamp your existing furniture with new upholstery or paint. Little changes like this can go a long way.

Try These Home Improvement Projects Today

As you can see, there are lots of great home projects for men and women to try out if they want to work together to enhance their living space. Keep these ideas in mind as you start planning upcoming projects.

If you need more home improvement advice, don’t forget to check out the For the Home section of our site as well. You’ll find tons of useful tips and tricks for men and women to follow.


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