How to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Couch (and Keep Your Furniture)

how to kill bed bugs in couch

Did you know that one pregnant bed bug can multiply into 31,700 bed bugs in six months! An infestation can happen so quickly, it is essential that at first sign of bed bugs you take action, and fast!

Before you know it you’ll have bed bugs in every crevice of your house. Read on to get the know-how to kill bed bugs in couch and other furniture.

Inspect and Identify Problem

The first thing you want to do if you suspect a bed bug problem is to inspect the area in question.

Carefully look at your couch and check the cushions and crevices for signs of an infestation.

Signs of an Infestation

Common indications of an infestation are black spots and dried blood on your sheets and upholstery. These are signs of bed bug waste.

You may see bed bugs themselves. They are dark red, small and hard to see at first, but like most living things they grow as they mature. Bed bug eggs are very small, like half a piece of rice, and a creamy white color.


Make a detailed plan and schedule how you will proceed with the following steps

It is more than just how will you tackle fumigating the couch. It is cleaning and prep and follow up that should be strategically laid out. Having a plan and knowing what to expect will save you time and frustration in the long run.

You’ll need to not only treat the couch and other furniture but likely your entire house.

Professional or DIY

Once you assess the issue and severity of the bed bugs situation you’ll have to ask yourself if you can tackle this as a do it yourself project, or if you should call in the big guns.

Professionals get rid of bed bugs like it is their job because it is.

Clean and Treat

Remove your infested smaller items and put them in a sealed bag to treat.

Discard furniture that you can’t clean. Have anything you throw away to be picked up as soon as possible by trash collectors. The good news is, you can destroy bed bugs from most types of furniture safely.

Do you have items you’re not able to treat? If you seal them for a year all of the bed bugs will be dead.

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Couch

For your couch, we recommend the heat method of destroying if you’re going to try it at home.

Since you can’t freeze the bed bugs on your couch, you’ll have to vacuum and steam them away.

You can always use a chemical spray, but if you have a bad infestation you may want to hire professionals as bed bugs are very hard to kill and keep away.

Follow-up and Prevent

Continue to inspect for bed bugs and vacuum the impacted areas. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum waste immediately and seal the trash bag well.

Help Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Besides being gross in general, bed bugs bites can cause bad health effects. They spread at exponential rates and are a hazard to public health. (

Taking care of your bed bug problem is a necessary evil, but you got this!

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