5 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing CBD Oil Products

purchasing cbd oil products

The legalization of CBD products has many benefits. CBD oil is used for several different health issues including the treatment of depression, inflammation pain, sleep disorders, and so much more. Because both medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized in several states, more and more people feel comfortable turning to CBD oil for treatment of different health issues.

However, there is a strategy to follow when purchasing CBD oil products whether it be for your brand or for at-home use. Unfortunately, not every CBD oil product is the same. There’s no one general CBD product that’s sold by all different companies.

Each company has its own CBD oil products that could either be of high or low quality. It’s your job to ensure that you’re only purchasing the best of the best. How do you know if the CBD oil product you’re purchasing is of good quality?

Continue reading below for everything you need to know before purchasing CBD oil products!

1. Where It Originates from

The CBD oil’s place of origin matters because when the hemp plant that it’s derived from grows, it absorbs everything around it. All of the good and bad things in the air, soil, and water go into the plant. Because of this, it’s important to find CBD oil products that originate from an organic farm in the United States.

If the hemp plant isn’t grown organically, then you’re subjecting yourself to harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, pesticides, and more. You need to buy from an organic source to give yourself peace of mind. The same reasons why you might buy organic food should apply to your purchase of CBD oil.

2. How Much THC It Contains

How much THC a CBD oil product contains is another important aspect. For the CBD oil product that you’re purchasing to be considered legal, it must contain 0.03% THC or less. This is most important for individuals who are drug tested on a regular basis or companies who want to make a reputable name for themselves.

However, even if you don’t get drug tested on a regular basis, you should still want to only work with companies that are true to the 0.03% rule. Why? Companies know that their product must contain this amount of THC or less in order for it to be a legal CBD oil product.

If they’re selling you something that has more THC in it than the legal amount, then what does this say about their company? And if you’re purchasing the products to build your brand with, you should want to provide your customers with accurate information and legal products.

3. Other Ingredients

The other ingredients found in the CBD oil product are just as important as the levels of THC. Be sure to look at the list of ingredients on a CBD oil product before making the purchase. If there’s no ingredient list, then you need to be skeptical of using that product.

If the list contains a lot of ingredients that you’re unsure of, take the time to do some online research. Search for the different ingredients that you’re unsure of to determine what it is exactly and any side effects associated with it. A product with all-organic ingredients is your best bet.

There are also some products that contain premium ingredients. These ingredients are added to the product to enhance its benefits. Some of these kinds of ingredients might include Vitamin B12 or melatonin.

4. The CBD Concentration

Knowing the CBD concentrations before buying a product could be the difference between being scammed and finding a good deal. It’s not a difficult task for companies to water down their CBD oil products to make it seem like you’re getting a good price. In reality, though, you’re paying for what you get: a low concentration of CBD oil.

The CBD oil product that you purchase should have anywhere from 250mg-1,000mg per fluid ounce in the container. You might need to do some math to determine how much CBD oil is in each fluid ounce of the CBD oil product you’re buying, but it’s worth the effort.

If the product you purchase has less than 250mg of CBD oil per fluid ounce, then you might not even receive any CBD oil benefits when using the product. And if you sell this type of product to your customers, it won’t be long before they catch on.

5. 3rd-Party Lab Testing

Any CBD oil product that you purchase should have a 3rd-party lab test done. If a product has had this type of testing done, then the reports from the test should be available to you. If you can’t find these reports on the company’s website, then ask to see them.

If the company refuses to offer this information, then you’ll want to consider purchasing from someone else. The lab report determines what’s in the product and if it’s safe to use. If you are able to get a hold of the lab reports, make sure that they include information about the lab itself (it should be an accredited lab associated with the International Organization for Standardization), information about the report’s approval, if the product is contaminant-free, and more!

6. How was the CBD Extracted

The way the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant is another important factor to take into consideration. There’s more than one way to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. The easiest way involves using harsh solvents.

This process then leaves chemical residue inside the CBD oil, which you then consume. The proper way to extract the CBD oil is not the easiest way, which is why many companies choose to use solvents. The proper way to extract it is to use carbon dioxide in low temperatures placed under high pressure.

This method pulls out the CBD oil without exposing it to contaminants. When the process is complete, the carbon dioxide evaporates into the air and leaves the CBD oil pure.

7. What the Company Is Claiming

If you stumble across a company that’s selling a CBD oil product claiming to solve your medical conditions, then you need to rethink the purchase. There has been completed research that shows the health benefits of CBD oil, as mentioned in the introduction. However, it goes against the Food and Drug Administration DSHEA guidelines for these companies to make such medical claims.

If a company is claiming to solve all of your medical issues with the use of their CBD oil product, then it’s time to look the other way. Companies know that it’s against the rules to make these claims and if they’re breaking this rule, you’ll need to think about what other rules they’re breaking.

8. Is the Price Fair

When making any purchase, you want to find a price that’s fair. However, this doesn’t mean find the cheapest product available. Cheapest is not always best.

As mentioned before, the best CBD products are grown organically, have 3rd-party testing done, have good ingredients, and are extracted using carbon dioxide. All of these CBD oil aspects make the product more expensive than those that skip corners.

Look for the quality, potency, and purity of the product before considering the price tag.

9. The Reputation of the Company

It’s safe to say that you want to work with a company that’s reputable. The reputation of the company is a good starting point for determining what type of product and service you can expect to receive. Go online and check reviews from past customers to see what they’re saying about the product and the company.

Check the brand’s website and social media pages to see how the company communicates with its customers. When building your own brand, consider using a turn-key white label solution. Doing so gives you quality products with cutting-edge cannabinoids.

The brand’s reputation means everything whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or for your own brand. If you know anyone who uses CBD oil products, be sure to speak with him or her about the company he or she uses.

When Purchasing CBD Oil Products, Keep These Tips in Mind!

When looking to buy your own CBD oil products, you’ll need to keep these key tips in mind. Purchasing CBD oil products takes a lot of effort if you want to find high-quality products. When purchasing for yourself, you want something that’s going to provide you with all the benefits you need.

When purchasing the products for your brand, you want to provide your customers with only the best!

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