What is a pressure cooker? What does it do?

pressure cooker

When quick cooking is required, only one appliance comes in mind and that is “pressure cooker”. No doubt it is quite a common appliance but still understanding what is a pressure cooker? What does it do? will give you more ideas about how you cook fast & perfectly with pressure cookers. 

The pressure cooker is the invention of the 1600s.  A simple cooking appliance has now transformed with amazing features & automatic functionality with the bolster of advanced technology. Definitely, some but not all are familiar with pressure cooker usage. Now delve in this article and know more about your modernized pressure cooker.  

What is a pressure cooker? What does it do? 

The pressure cooker is a tightly packed or sealed pot that works on the principle of the ” steam pressure”. It means it consists of lots of steam in it, and heap up high pressure to cook fast & tastier.

Pressure cookers are mostly designed with aluminum or stainless steel material. It consists of a lid with a safety valve on the top which prevents the excess generation of internal pressure. You can see the ring of rubber designed at the vessel intersection. The main heatproof handle and small size assistant handle is designed opposite to each other in many models to protect from hot touch. 

The food you prepare in the pressure cooker makes your food moist, tender & gives it the touch of amazing flavor. Therefore this device is considered best to cook meat, rice, cheesecakes, tough beans, chickpeas, chicks, soup, porridge, pulses, and more.  

The pressure cooker evicts air from the pot and catches the steam generated by the liquid boiled inside the pot. In this way, the pressure inside increases and access the high temperature for fast cooking. It cooks the food faster in comparison to the same food cooked in some other appliance. 

Once the cooking is over, the steam will get released with whistle sounds and makes the vessel to be carefully opened. As water turns into the steam when it boils at 212°F.  The pressure generated in the cooker results in the raised boiling point of water. When something wet or with more water is cooked, the heat is fixed to the water’s boiling point at 212° F. 

When the pressure is raised the boiling point will also rise. This finally makes food to be cooked faster. Secondly, the raised pressure in pot drives liquid & vapor into the food to cook faster and also makes some food tender. 

Benefits Of Using A Pressure Cooker

Using a pressure cooker is very simple & flourished with ample benefits. If I talk about the modern pressure cookers’ designs, it is quite stunning with so many automatic features & various meal cooking options which also ensure your safety. 

1. Fast Cooking

Fast cooking is actually a very first specialty of using a pressure cooker. Not only me and you, but all want cooking to be over quickly with perfect food. It makes cooking fast by 70%. It means the simple usage & fast cooking, together will really save your valuable time.

2. Retains Nutrition Level

The research has proved that in comparison to the steaming and boiling, pressure cooking retains the high level of cooked food nutrition. The longer time your food will take to be cooked, the higher your nutrition level will be eradicated. Pressure cooker cooks food in a very short time, retains nutrition, and maintains the flavors as well.

3. Saves Energy 

The pressure cookers feature the capability of one-pot cooking. It is a better energy-efficient appliance in comparison to other cooking appliances with a steam trapping system. As pressure cookers cook fast so it also consumes less energy and in turn saves money also.

4. Limited Cleaning

Stovetop cooking piles up lots of mess to be cleaned. A pressure cooker requires less cleaning with one pot. The protected lid avoids any splashing to evade from the vessel which avoids the over boiling and the chances of excess mess are reduced.

Tips For Using A Pressure Cooker Right 

Some important tips will help you in safe & easy usage of pressure cooker if you are a beginner.

  1. Read the instruction manual if you are a beginner.
  2. Add the right amount of liquid.
  3. Heat pressure cooker perfectly.
  4. Avoid overfilling.
  5. Keep pressure cooker clean & replace damaged parts timely if required.


The pressure cooker is all meant for safe & effective cooking. Using a pressure cooker is truly a simple task that also comes with a wide range of benefits. A few tips can even prove beneficial and make you achieve perfect texture & seasoning. 

What is a pressure cooker? What does it do? will make you know your appliance better. Understanding its actual working will surely make you call it a “fast cooker” with enhanced efficiency, comfort, and loads of savings. 


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