Built-In Wardrobes In Brisbane

Wardrobes In Brisbane

Who doesn’t like a big wardrobe? I’m sure everyone who’s reading this is at some point in time want to have an extensive wardrobe that can fit anything. But with the increasing real estate pricings, it’s tough to find a decent house, and having a closet space is out of dreams. But Don’t disappoint already. Screens N More designs are here for the rescue. Please show us the given space allocated for the wardrobe and sit back and see us doing the magic.

Many of us usually suffer from space for clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. and it gets hectic and unmanageable from time to time. Why not? We can’t throw the unused clothes as quickly as we bring new ones. Sounds relatable, right? For this kind of situation, you can’t do anything other than saying, “I don’t have enough space”. Wait. What did we say at the start? We’ve got your back. We create customized wardrobe space for you that can bring everything you have and still have space for new ones. Read through and know the details on what all we include in this wardrobe settings:

  • Custom shoe storage

Shoe lovers. We’ve heard from you. Bring on any number of pairs you want, and we’ll set up the storage in a way to have space for that extra pair.

  • Drawer towers

To make it easier to differentiate the types of clothes, we’ll provide the drawer towers where can stalk up everything but still have a specific space for every kind of clothing and accessories.

  • Shelf towers

Don’t want to open the drawers always and keep the regular stuff and random stuff separately? Our shelf towers are best and go-to options for daily usage.

If you don’t have much space for drawers and shelves separately, we’ll put them together in one unit and set them up for you and still give you an option for segregation.

  • Dual and extended hanging options

Formal clothes, partywear, and many other things often need hangers to safeguard them. In this case, we give dual hanging for coats, short dresses, etc. and long hangings for gowns, maxis to treasure better.

  • Jewelry drawers

Jewelry often requires specific care. You can’t use the same shelves or drawers that you use for clothes. We’ve particular options for jewelry which has small partitions within to fit earrings, bracelets, and significant barriers to fit necklaces and other jewelry within the drawer. We told you, we know your exact requirements.

  • Shoe racks

Shoe racks that are easy to operate, visible to let you choose the options without taking all of them out every time. These shoe racks can be fitted within your wardrobe space and can be taken out and use separately too.

  • Cosmetic enclosures

    Cosmetics again require a delicate space, where they can be safely placed. We’ll give you a makeup enclosure that fits everything from your daily makeup needs to the occasional makeup, separate space electronics like dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc. And we’ll make sure all of them are available handy. This also includes a mirror with perfect lighting enclosed. What else do you want?

Along with all the above installations, we can get you anything that needs to fulfill your requirements. Before going further, let us also give you a peak about the steps we follow during the process:

  • Firstly, when you choose us to work for you, all you need to do is show your wardrobe space and share your requirements.
  • Once we receive the inputs, we’ll see the space and suggest you with the possible designs which can enclose as much space as possible.
  • And when we receive the approval on the designs, we take the live measurements and carve that beauty pieces just as we promised.
  • When the build is ready, we move the parts to your space and fit them in their respective spaces. That’s it. Ta..da..

We believe in becoming the one-stop solution for all your build in wardrobe needs, and we strive to maintain our values to that level. Don’t just consider our words, let our previous works speak the words. Our past customers were happy and still get back to us to refer to their loved ones or for any other further needs. Now, what are you waiting for? Lift your phone and book a free consultation today!


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