7 Things To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

buying outdoor furniture

The right patio furniture does two things: It is functional and provides comfort. You can quickly transform a basic brick patio into a sensory-rich dining destination by incorporating spacious table and easy-to-use comfortable chairs. Include a classic wicker rocking chair out and a wicker sofa with enough cushion and you can turn your porch into a second family room that can be enjoyed during the warm summer months. 

Pocket gardens and balconies are also great outdoor living opportunities. When paired with the right furniture, small gardens can become a getaway haven. 

If you select the right furniture for your space, you can get an outdoor living space that you would love for many years to come. 

Things To Consider 

  1. Functionality 

If you would like an uncluttered yard, the smart thing to do would be to purchase multiple purpose units. For example, Ottomans can be either a bench or a table. There are also types of furniture that come with hidden compartments for keeping outdoor items like tools or magazines. By choosing functional furniture types, you ensure that there is enough space for plants and other design elements. 

  1. Space 

Is there something specific in your outer space that you should remember? The answer to this should guide your purchase decision. For example, if you have young children, the furniture you select needs to be stain-resistant and durable. Or if you have pets you would need to select materials that are easy to clean. You might also want to consider choosing lightweight pieces if you intend to store your furniture during some parts of the year – they need to be easy to move, disassemble and not take up a lot of space. 

  1. Size 

Apart from material and style, size is one of the most important things you should consider. Outdoor furniture comes in all sizes and some have expandable options to accommodate surprise guest. If you allow for 18 to 24 inches per person, this would mean fewer spills. The general rule is at least 6 to 12 inches between place settings. Typically, dining tables are usually about 28 to 30 inches tall, therefore the ideal height for chairs should be about 18 to 20 inches from the ground to the top of the seats. 

  1. Quality 

The common saying, “You get what you pay for” is also true for modern outdoor furniture. Plastic resin chairs look great and will keep for about a year or two out in the sun. But with time, they lose their vibrant colour and become brittle. The same applies to wicker units and timber products. When shopping, look out for consumer reviews, product information, warranty on the product before you make a purchase. 

  1. The style and colour of your home 

You would want your furniture to match your home style and colour scheme to some extent. Try to select furniture that matches your style so it doesn’t look out of place on your patio. Your patio furniture should be carefully considered as any other furniture in your home. You want to choose a style that is a reflection of your tastes. For example, going with formal furniture would look out of place in a home that has a laid-back vibe. If your home is traditional, then you would be best served with traditional furniture as well. 

  1. The weather 

Does it rain often? Do you live near the coast? Is the weather dry or hit? These are some of the important things to consider before you buy outdoor furniture. Here’s the reason: Dry and hot conditions can make certain types of wood soft or splinter. Strong winds can send aluminium furniture flying and wicker cannot withstand constant exposure to moisture. 

  1. Comfort 

Be sure to test out the furniture before you buy. Just like your indoor furniture, outdoor pieces of furniture are used regularly and need to be comfortable. So, in as much as the style is great, comfort is even more important. We recommend going for furniture pieces that would hold up in all kinds of weather. 

In addition, with the investments in textile, there are a lot of quick-drying outdoor rugs on the market – rich in texture and soft to the feet. Including one in your outdoor space immediately lends more comforts while you sit outdoors. And don’t forget: Umbrellas can provide plenty of shade so that you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting sunburned. 


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