7 Types of Windows to Consider for Your Home

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The type of windows you select for your home is a big deal. Not only is functionality necessary, but style should play a factor as well.

There are all kinds of windows, from picture windows to double-hung windows. It’s hard to know where to start!

Have you thought about which windows you’d like to have in your home?

It’s up to you how many different window styles you select. Keep in mind that some designers recommend sticking with a few main types. If you decide on popular window styles, it will streamline everything. But don’t feel like you can’t select other types of windows too!

To figure out what styles of windows would look best, here are seven to learn more about.

1. Double-Hung Windows

You’ve likely heard of double-hung windows. They’re popular windows that most homeowners opt to have in their homes.

If you seek traditional styling in your home, then double-hung windows are ideal. Double-hung windows consist of two large frame units that slide up and down on vertical tracks.

They blend in well with a variety of home styles and are also easy to clean! Thanks to the vertical tracks, there’s less dirt, and the window is easier to open.

2. Casement Windows

Another popular window is casement windows. You open these windows by cranking them open horizontally from a hinge. Then, the window opens like a door.

Casement windows are ideal for a lot of airflow, and they’re also weathertight. Having windows that are weathertight is a must if you live in a stormy area.

You can have them with or without screens. Although, without screens, it’ll be hard to keep the pesky bugs out.

3. Slider Windows

Slider windows are another basic design that works in just about any type of house. If you plan to open your windows a lot or want the option to do so, slider windows are the way to go.

These side-by-side windows slide horizontally. Since it’s easy to slide them open, you can enjoy a nice breeze whenever you want!

4. Stain Glass Windows

Using a decorative window that becomes the focal point is ideal in an interior. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into decorating the space!

If you’re after a decorative glass window, stained glass windows will look amazing. Not only are stained glass windows colorful and bright, but they also provide privacy.

5. Bay Windows

If you desire to have natural light fill your space, consider getting bay windows in one or more rooms. A protruding bay window creates a shelf in your home, which is pleasing to the eyes.

It consists of a center window, with one or more casement or double-hung windows on the sides.

Bay windows look incredible in larger rooms like a living room, parlor, or family room. It’s best to install a bay window where it’s nice to look out and enjoy the scenery.

6. Picture Windows

Picture windows offer an incredible view of the outside world. Recently they have become more popular. Some homeowners are choosing floor-to-ceiling windows to get the ultimate picturesque viewpoint.

Unfortunately, though, this oversized window is locked and won’t open. It’s excellent for weatherproofing your home, but it isn’t good if you want circulation in the room.

If you decide to get a picture window, place it where you can’t get enough of the view. And, you may want to have it in the same room as another window, like a slider window, so you can open it to get a breeze.

7. Skylight Window

A skylight window is another window design that lets in a lot of light. This fixed window is installed in a roofline for a unique window design.

You may prefer a roof window instead of a skylight window because the difference between the two designs is that you can open it.

As you can imagine, a roof window is much better for ventilation. But you should have a ladder on hand to open it depending on how high up your window is!


There are pros and cons to every type of window, so do your research before committing to any. And, you can consult with your home builder to get their take on what kind of windows would look best.

If you decide to go with something unique, go against the grain and get a skylight window installed. As long as you don’t live in a scorching climate, looking up into the sky will be the perfect mood lifter.

And if you’re looking for windows that are functional and easy to use, slider windows are excellent.

Ask yourself what your ideal window is and commit to the ones you’ll be happy with!


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