Why You Should Still Invest In A High Quality Photo Album

Photo Album

In this day and age where social media is practically taking over the world, is it still worth spending on a photo album? In a world where you so easily can share snapshots and photographs for hundreds or thousands of your network to see in the flick of a finger, will you still consider investing in a photo book? Well, you should!

It’s easy to overlook the importance of having a quality photo album in your home when everything can be shared or stored digitally and accessed on several devices. But here are some reasons to convince you that photo books are worth the investment.

It will be your legacy

Important occasions and milestones in your life deserve to be immortalized in your album as it will serve as your legacy. Take your wedding pictures, for example, wouldn’t you want to tell the story of your special day to your kids and grandkids while holding pictures of those precious memories?

You might argue that you can just swipe it through Facebook or Instagram, but how sure are you that those platforms will still be standing when it is time for your grandchildren to hear your story? Sure, they are popular and seemingly forever now, but remember the era of MySpace and Friendster? Didn’t we also think those websites will stand the test of time?

Plus, a photo book is something you can pass down from generation to generation. Think of these memories as a family heirloom that the future generation can keep. This way, even your great great great grandchildren will know you through stories and even through photographs.

Technology changes pretty quickly

We’ve already mentioned how social media platforms aren’t guaranteed to last forever. The same goes true even to hardware. Think about it, how did you watch movies at home 20 years ago? You would probably answer through Betamax or VHS. Just about a decade after that, we were introduced to DVDs. Now, we have Blu-rays, hard drives, or even streaming services to watch media on.

If you rely on hard drives or CDs to store your most precious memories, how are you going to retrieve them when they become difficult to access? How many laptops still have a CD-ROM now? Even USB ports are practically being removed on more advanced devices! If you invest in a high-quality photo album, you can browse through your lovely moments at any time. No need to figure out where to buy adapters or whatever supporting device you need just to access old hardware.

Digital files can be lost

Let’s face it – putting images on a digital space does not guarantee they’ll be there forever. Hard drives or computers can crash. Cloud-stored media can be deleted. How many stories have you heard of irretrievable images or even other types of data from a memory stick that got corrupted?

No matter how much you back up your files on different hardware, you can’t be sure nothing will happen to them. The best backup you can do for your photos is to put them on an album! You will never worry about viruses or corrupt files with a photo book!

Art deserves to be displayed

You don’t buy an expensive painting or statue and just keep it in the basement or closet. Of course not! You put it on display in the living room or somewhere it can easily be seen by you and your guests. Photography is an art and it deserves to be shown off and not just kept hidden in your laptop or cloud storage.

Putting your precious pictures in an album or frame to be displayed gives the photographer’s work justice. Photographers are pricey and so you deserve to show off what you paid for. Plus, you are giving the photographer’s work its worth by placing it in a proper canvas.

Looking at albums is a great way to bond over stories

When family or friends come to visit, would you even think about pulling out your hard drive and go through pictures with them? Pretty doubtful, don’t you think? You know what they say: ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ And when your pictures are stored on your laptop, you won’t be thinking much about it months after they were put there.

But what if you had a photo album on your coffee table? Wouldn’t it prompt or entice your guests to have a look? It would then invite an opportunity for them to ask questions or for you to tell the stories behind those photographs. When you share your pictures on social media, people can react without caring much about the stories behind them. But having a photo book you can intimately share with those closest to you guarantees your story is heard by those who truly care.

Makes a great gift

As with the cases of weddings, we’re pretty sure your parents and other family members or relatives would want a copy of those precious memories. They would want something they could look at and remind them of those moments that were wonderful for them as it was with you. Photo books would make a perfect present for your family.

Your parents probably don’t want to deal with technology as much as millennials do. Give them a hard drive or account details with which they can access the pictures through, and they would just probably forget about viewing those snapshots. However, if you give them an album of all those special moments, they will have easy access to it and you can bet they’ll keep on pulling it out of the shelf to look at it!

Still, doubting whether or not to shell out that extra money for a quality photo album? Think about this – how much did you spend on a precious memory? Be it your wedding, anniversary, dream vacation, family portrait, and the like? Don’t you think you deserve to have something to remind you of those moments? Especially after all the hard work you’ve done to put those events together? Do yourself a favor and get those mementos immortalized!


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