5 Features to Look For When Buying a Slow Cooker


As our lives are getting more hectic day by day, it is certainly a tough task to take care of our nutritional needs when we’re dead tired after a long day at work. Cooking dinner after you return home often forces you to order a pizza or other microwavable food item that might take a toll on your diet plans. The best way to solve this problem is by buying a state of the art Slow Cooker. Although, you can even use a pressure cooker for risotte if you want.

As the name suggests slow cookers, prepare the food items for a long period of time by minimizing the temperature required for cooking. This allows the food to be boiled for long hours without the chance of burning. So you can simply leave the food to be prepared when you leave for work and return home to a ready meal. With several more advantages, slow cookers have become an essential kitchen appliance for working families and working bachelors. But as technology has advanced, so have the slow cookers.

1. Shape

A lot of people think the shape of a utensil is just an option for choice and doesn’t make any functional difference. The slow cookers are available in both round and oval shapes. The round shape is good for making several recipes including soups, broths, stews, and casseroles, while the oval shape is all-purpose cookware for making whole chicken casseroles, ham and pot roasts along with the regular soups and stews. Hence, depending on the type of food you want to prepare, the shape makes an important feature of slow cookers.

2. Size

Whenever buying a utensil or a kitchen appliance, the size can make a huge difference. Depending on your use, you can buy a large-sized slow cooker or a small one. Preparing food for a single person requires not more than 3-4 quart-sized cooker. However, if you want to make more voluminous food to store for later use or when cooking for 2-3 people a 7 quart-sized cooker would work just perfectly.

3. Lids

Lids make an important accessory that every slow cooker must-have. One can choose from plastic or glass lids. While the plastic lids are more impervious to damage, they are prone to getting foggy over time. Glass lids, on the other hand, might be more delicate but allow you to see the cooking food clearly. It is always better to avoid plastic lids as newer models have a break and scratch-resistant glass lids that are much handier and durable. As the cooking process takes a long time, it is better to keep the lid on to prevent the loss of flavor and nutrients until the food is prepared to be eaten.

4. Programmable Cooking

A must-have feature for working individuals, programmable cooking allows you to set the amount of time you want the food to be cooked for. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the pot, put on the lid and set the time. With this, you can leave the food to be cooked in the morning and find a ready meal when you come back in the evening. The slow cooking feature keeps the food from burning or getting spoiled while providing you with a ready meal after a tiring day at work.

5. Inserts: ceramic or aluminum

While most high end and standard slow cookers come with ceramic inserts, one can also find the aluminum variant in the market. While both are extremely easy to clean, people prefer the ceramic inserts due to the added earthen flavor. Though this is just a matter of taste, aluminum inserts are also said to cause some health issues, which can be totally avoided by the use of ceramic inserts. 

Slow cookers are not only a handy addition to your kitchen but can also save you a lot of money from ordering readymade meals. However, do look for the above features to ensure that you buy a good slow cooker for yourself. 


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