Crickets: The Pests You Need To Know About


When you think about pests the first ones that usually come to mind are rats, mice, and perhaps termites.  These are a concern and can cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and the environment every year.

If you think you have a pest problem then click here and speak to your local pest control expert. But, the most common pests are not the only ones you should be concerned with. Crickets can be more than just a nuisance, they can actually damage your property!

There are approximately 900 species of cricket. The good news is that most of them are not an issue. But, you do need to be aware of 4 particular types of cricket, the Camel cricket, Mormon cricket, Jerusalem cricket, and the Field cricket.

Crickets are noisy, especially at night. If you have a lot of cricket noise coming from your yard then you’ll want to get help dealing with them. But, you should also be aware that these crickets can enter your home and are likely to feed on any food they can find. They’ll also eat clothing and paper.  That means they could do a lot of damage to your personal effects in a very short space of time.

Again, click here, if you need a good pest control firm to help you deal with the issue.

The Camel Cricket

Their name comes from the fact that they have a humpbacked appearance, similar to a camel. They generally prefer damp and cool environments, including under stones, rotting logs, caves, or in your basement, if it’s damp.

They’ll actually settle anywhere and, disconcertingly, they don’t make a sound.  That means you may not even know they are their unit they’ve attacked your clothes and books.

Check any area of your home that is prone to mold and fungus, that’s where they’ll want to live.

Mormon Cricket

This is actually a cross between a grasshopper and a cricket.  They can be as long as 2 inches and are usually very dark brown or black.  If you see one you’ll notice they have eyes that are spaced widely apart and exceptionally long antenna.  They don’t have wings but love eating vegetables. 

That makes them an issue to farmers and in your home. It’s important to monitor and regulate the size of Mormon cricket colonies.

Jerusalem Cricket

These can grow as large as 3 inches long and have brown, or perhaps tan, colored bodies. Their bodies also have black stripes, making them look a little like a flightless bee.  Again, they can’t fly but they can bite. In fact, they have surprisingly strong jaws that will hurt if they bite you.  

They are best avoided and left to the professionals.  This type of cricket likes to live in dry, non-humid environments. They are generally active at night and will drum their legs together to attract a mate.

Field Cricket

These can also grow as large as 3 inches and are the vocal crickets that you’ve probably heard on many occasions.  They are dark brown in color and, in large swarms, can damage crops.

It’s also worth noting that they are very mobile, as well as being excellent jumpers they have wings and can fly. As well as crops they’ll eat rubber, wood, plastic, and even leather. Keep your yard tidy t prevent attracting them to your home. 


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