Why You Need To Install Water Chillers In Your Hydroponic Garden

water chillers for hydroponics

The agricultural sector has experienced a complete transformation. It’s now possible to grow crops without using soil. Thanks to the invention of hydroponics, a branch of agriculture that involves planting crops in an aquatic-based environment.

This type of gardening, which involves the use of mineral-rich solutions, is quickly becoming popular because of its amazing benefits. It doesn’t require so much space and allows crops to grow up to 50 percent faster. Incorporating a water chiller into your hydroponics system will help you reap even more benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know when looking for the best chillers for your hydroponics.

What’s A Hydroponic Water Chiller?

Hydroponic chillers are often used in hydroponic gardens to remove excess heat from a mineral-rich water solution. This is achieved through an absorption refrigeration cycle that facilitates a heat exchange process, which ensures that the temperature of the solution remains ideal for plant growth.

These chillers usually work with other mechanical water pumps to circulate the nutrient solution throughout the entire hydroponic system. During circulation, the nutrient solution gets heated by the mechanical system, after which it’s then pumped through the water chiller, where excess heat is dispersed by the chiller’s cooling coils. And once the desired temperature is achieved, the solution is circulated back into the hydroponic system.

Hydroponic gardening is aquatic-based and often depends on the use of water plus mineral-rich solutions. High water temperatures can significantly inhibit the growth of your plants. Under such extreme conditions, the much-needed oxygen around the plant’s root zone gets reduced, leading to stunted growth. And this is where hydroponic water chillers come in handy. These fixtures keep temperatures within an optimum range, allowing the nutrient solution to hold dissolved oxygen much longer until it’s completely accessible to the root zone.

Importance of a Chilling System

If you have a small reservoir, controlling water system temperatures can be quite a big challenge. The fact that water is an excellent heat conductor further compounds this problem. To get the most out of your crops, you need to effectively cool down your hydroponics system. Without enough oxygen, your plants will eventually die. Moreover, warm water is a good breeding zone for pathogens as well as other disease-causing organisms. That’s why you need to find an effective way of cooling down your reservoir. And there’s no better way to do so, rather than using a hydroponic water chiller.  

The size of the water chiller you need hugely depends on the size of your hydroponic reservoir. Before installing a cooling system, you need to determine the size of your reservoir. This will make it easier for you to choose the best chiller for your hydroponic garden. So, take the time to shop around for a process chiller that will fulfill all your production needs.

The Benefits of Using Hydroponic Water Chillers

Hydroponic chillers, also referred to as fluid chillers are commonly utilized in hydroponic “grow” production practices. These cooling fixtures are an essential part of producing safe as well as high-quality consumer products.

Over the past few years, the hydroponics markets have witnessed tremendous growth. And this is particularly true within the organic fruits, vegetables, as well as the legal Cannabis markets. If you have limited time and resources, consider working with a team of professional engineers who will help you make the right equipment selections and always stay within your budget. However, it’s important to note that every system has its own upsides and downsides. But the upsides of utilizing a water chiller for hydroponics definitely outweigh the downsides.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you incorporate a water chiller into your hydroponic garden.

High Oxygen Levels

Water chillers play a significant role in ensuring that there’s a constant supply of dissolved oxygen within the hydroponic system. Colder temperatures provide higher dissolved oxygen levels. This, in turn, increases nutrient uptake and permits the root zone to access maximum oxygen, hence triggering explosive growth. And this automatically results in increased profitability.  

Reduced Water Consumption

When it comes to water and energy conservation, hydroponic chillers are highly efficient. These chillers recycle the same water throughout, so you won’t have to drain warm water from the system. Plus, modern chillers are uniquely designed to preserve energy and this goes a long way in minimizing energy costs.

Serves As a Heat Sink

On top of cooling down your reservoir, a hydroponic chiller also serves as a heat sink in the grow room. They function as air conditioners (ACs), and they can effectively absorb heat from your garden. In fact, water chillers are 50 percent more efficient than air conditioners, as far as cooling a hydroponic garden is concerned.

Eliminates Pathogens

Pathogens and disease-causing organisms usually thrive in warm conditions. The possibility of plants succumbing to disease is greater in warm temperatures. Installing a chiller in your hydroponic garden can significantly reduce the risk of plant disease because pathogens can’t thrive in highly oxygenated environments.

Higher Yields

With a pathogen-free environment and higher oxygen levels, you’re more likely to reap higher yields from your hydroponic garden. Water chillers are crucial for creating a favorable environment for your crops to thrive. They provide the right temperatures as well as the required level of oxygen.

The Bottom-Line

Are you looking for a hydroponics water chiller? Well, you’ve just landed in the right place. North Slope Chillers provide top-notch water chillers for all your gardening needs. The chillers come in numerous sizes and feature original components that are highly durable. Plus you’ll have access to other exceptional services that’ll definitely exceed your expectations.

If you’re planning to set up a new hydroponic facility or expand an existing operation, consider installing a reliable chilling system. This will ensure that your plants grow faster and produce higher yields. But for you to meet the dynamic needs of the current market, you may want to consider investing in a customized process chiller that can reduce energy usage depending on the operating environment.


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