Tips for Making Your Home Super Clean


There is no denying the fact that house cleaning can quickly turn boring but there are cleaning tips you can do in order to make your home super clean and well organized. Before you start cleaning, it is important to plan and sticks to that plan in order to deep clean your house. It will take some time but once you’re done, you will have a house that will not only look clean but also smell and feel clean. So, here are a few tips to super clean your house quickly.

First and foremost, you should begin by taking care of your television, tabletops, and toilet. This is also known as the 3 T’s. These are usually the first thing that leaves an impression on people coming into your house. Nobody wants to use dirty toilets. Also, dirty televisions and tabletops are often the most ignored items as people living in the house get used to the dirt on these, but outsiders notice these things and it gives a bad impression. 

Therefore, you should take a dry cloth and quickly clean your television and tabletops. If possible, you should also use a vacuum in order to deep clean these items but if you don’t have much time, even a simple dry cloth will do. Take your time to clean the toilet. There are several resources available online including videos on how you can quickly clean your toilet and make it look like new. Also, toilet cleaners do not cost much and in fact, many easily available household items can also be used for cleaning the toilet. 

Tips for Making Your Home Super Clean

One thing that screams an unorganized house is open closets and drawers. In fact, anything that should be closed left open gives the impression of a disorganized house. So, make a checklist of all the things that should be closed in your house and then make sure that everything is closed one by one. It can be those drawers in your kitchen, dining room, living room or your bedroom. While closing them, ensure that nothing is hanging out of the drawers or the closets as it leaves a bad impression.

Take a close look at the path to your living room, the entrance as well as the surrounding areas and make sure it is completely clean. Nothing should be there in the paths such as clothes, magazines, newspapers or any other such things. The goal is to make it comfortable for people to roam around in your house without any obstruction. If there are things lying around, you should toss them out and make sure people have an easy time when they are taking a tour of the house.

If you have pets in the house, it is common to have pet hair everywhere. In fact, most people like to take their pets with them on their bed or sofa and this leads to their fur falling here and there. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that there is no fur around in your house. If someone can find pet hair on your bed or sofa, all your super cleaning efforts will come to naught. 

So, take a specialized vacuum and make sure your house is free of pet hair. Keep in mind that not all the regular house vacuums can clean the pet hair. There are some cheap options available online and you should consider buying one to ensure that your house always remains free of pet care.

If you want your house to look super clean, you need to take special care of the living room as people usually spend the maximum amount of time in the living room. There shouldn’t be even a speck of dust or any unwanted spots. If there are some spots on the carpet in your living room, make sure to use a vacuum and cleaning agents to get rid of those spots.

Another common thing that people often overlook while deep cleaning their house is the linens. Everyone uses bath towels, hand towels, and dish towels regularly. It is important to watch them regularly or these things will start giving an off-putting smell. 

When you are deep cleaning your house, it is recommended to replace all the linens in your home with new ones. These are cheap and do not cost much. You need to ensure that the existing linens do not give an off-putting smell. If you want to give an ironed look to linens, spraying starch is an option.

If your house has that musty smell even after deep cleaning it, it is time to invest in a room freshener. If you are short of time and are unable to buy a room freshener, put some lemon and ginger in a small pot of hot water and leave it in the room. It will fill your house with a pleasant fragrance, and you won’t have to buy a separate room freshener. If you feel like it, add some cloves or cinnamon to it.

Overall, these are some of the things you can do to super clean your house quickly. It is important to clean your house regularly in order to make sure that it not only looks clean but also feels clean.


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