Easy Ways to Maintain Your Bathroom


Keeping your house clean can be exhausting. Just maintaining your bathroom is an enormous task by itself. From cleaning stains from your bathtubs, sinks and dirty mirrors to scrubbing limescale off your tiles and taps, there is so much that is needed to keep a bathroom looking sparkling clean. Not only does an unclean bathroom look and smell horrible, but it can result in blocked drains, broken cabinet doors and become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria. 

If you do not want the above problems to arise in your bathroom, follow these tips to keep your bathroom maintained:

  • Wash the toilet frequently

Toilet bowls are the main breeding grounds for bacteria. If you only clean your toilet once every month, chances are that you will need to scrub your toilet bowl for hours and you still will not get the results you were hoping for. 

The best way to go about it is to give five minutes of your time to clean your toilet twice or thrice a week. You can use toilet cleaners for the toilet bowl and sponges to scrub and remove stains from the outside. Make sure to use fresheners at the end to achieve a refreshing fragrance. 

  • Clean the floors

Without any doubt, cleaning bathroom floors is one of the most difficult tasks, especially cleaning the grout joints between the tiles that are home to numerous bathroom fungi. If you clean your tiles once in a blue moon, not only will you need Herculean power to scrub off the stains, but also the courage to bear the disgusting smell. 

Tiles become permanently stained with time. So, it is better to scrub them off on alternative days using a small brush. In addition, try to keep your floor free of moisture by drying out the washroom after every shower. Doing so will reduce the risk of fungus and keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

  • Get rid of the dust

It is essential to clear your bathroom of all dust and hair at least a few times every week to prevent major problems. Start by cleaning your cabinets and sink top. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and particles where a broom cannot reach. Make sure to remove all the hair from every corner, as it is the main cause of blocked drains. If you do have a clogged drain that doesn’t seem to get better even after cleaning, it is a good idea to find professionals to clean blocked drains in Sydney – blocked drains not only damage your walls and ceilings but emit a foul smell that is difficult to get rid of. 

In addition, try to scrub your walls a little after every shower. Remember, it is better to spend five minutes on it every day than to spend a whole day trying to remove the stains.

  • Clean the mirrors

Cleaning mirrors is difficult and keeping them spotless is even more difficult. The gruesome toothpaste splashes and water stains which occur due to hot showers make it impossible to see your clear reflection in the mirror.

So, what is the best way to keep your mirror clean? Grab your favorite glass cleaner, clean cloth and wipe it after every shower. Try to get a cleaner that is alcohol-based so that it doesn’t leave any residue and leaves your mirror glistening.

  • Do not let the rings stay

Rings that form inside your bathtub because of oils and bath salts are difficult to remove. The best way to clean them is to fill your bathtub with warm water and wash it as soon as you are done with your shower. It will help remove the stains and also the smell. A handy tip for tough stain removal is to use baking soda and vinegar or lemon.

  • Showerheads and taps

Because of the moisture in the bathroom, the showerhead and basin knobs tend to get a little rusty. Grab a lemon from your kitchen and scrub it on your shower head and knobs. Let is sit for a few minutes and then rinse.  You can also use clear nail polish to prevent rusting. The results will definitely make you happy.

For shiny faucets, make use of baby oil. You can also use baby oil on the soap dish to prevent the soap from slipping out of the dish. If you find soaps messy, use liquid hand wash which is more hygienic and easier to use.

  • Clean your cabinets

Most people leave cabinet cleaning as a task to be carried out once a month or even less. Not only does this make it hard to find something when you need it, but you may have lots of empty bottles fall on your face when you open your cabinet one day. 

It is therefore advised to organize and clean your cabinets a couple of times each month. Get rid of all the empty bottles and containers and make sure not to leave bits of foundation or dirty brushes on the sink because those stains are extremely hard to remove.

  • Keep the maintenance under budget

You do not have to spend money on expensive toilet and glass cleaners in order to have a clean bathroom. There is nothing that a bathroom cleaner can do that baking soda or vinegar cannot. Make a paste by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Pour it into the desired areas and let it sit for a while before washing off with water. You can also fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar, and use it to clean mirrors — you will be surprised by the results!

  • Get rid of the smell

If air fresheners are something you do not like, you can use flowers from your backyard to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Additionally, you can keep a glass full of vinegar under the shower once you are done with your bath to reduce the damp odor. 

Another tip is to never leave damp towels in the bathroom and always let them dry in sunlight before bringing them inside. Remember to open and spread the shower curtains to let them dry out. You should also keep your windows open for some time every day for ventilation.

  • The little details

Two major components of a well-maintained bathroom are cleanliness and good smell. It is also important that the bathroom looks nice. This can be achieved by keeping your dry towels properly folded in the cabinet while hanging wet towels on the stand. You should store all your accessories and toiletries in the drawers and cabinets instead of having them scattered all over your bathroom.


They say that if you want to judge a person’s hygiene and organizational habits, you should see their bathroom. So imagine if someone came to see yours, what would they think?  Make sure it is something positive by following the above tips. Happy cleaning!


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