12 Things to Add Into Your Tea for Additional Flavor


Tea sometimes tastes too herbal or plain, but some add-ins will give your tea an extra flavor; you’ll want to drink tea all day long. Whether you want white, black, or green tea, there’s an add-in in this list that will make you love brewing flavorful tea even more.

The additives here can go well with most types of tea, so you can be creative when deciding how to add extra flavor to your drink. Try every additive until you find the perfect combination for your taste. As you try different things, consider using a teapot made from cast iron to extract more flavors

Lemon Extract

Squeeze a slice of lemon and let the extract give a slightly sweet and acidic taste to your tea. This sugar-free add-in has Vitamin C and is good for your blood, skin, liver, and stomach. 

A Splash of Honey

If you want to remove the leafy taste of tea, use honey to add a warm, sweet, and silky taste to your tea. Note that the drink will become stickier if you put too much honey. This common additive is also suitable for lemongrass or chamomile tea. 

A Dose of Cinnamon

Aside from a lingering warm taste on the tongue, cinnamon improves digestion, metabolism, and blood sugar. Stir some cinnamon in your pumpkin or vanilla tea. 

Go Natural with Stevia

If you want a natural sweetener, pure stevia powder or liquid will make your tea sweeter without the presence of sugar. This calorie-free sweetener promotes good digestion and lowers the glycemic index. 

Good Old Ginger 

For a different kind of kick, put some ginger to your chai or citrus tea to get a slightly spicy taste. Combine ginger and tea when you need help with digestion, nausea, or a cold.

Delicious Dark Chocolate

If you want to avoid munching on chocolates so you don’t ruin your diet, why not add dark chocolate to your black or chai tea, so you can get a rich, deep flavored-drink instead? 

Creamy Milk

For those who need a break from the bitter flavor, pour coconut or almond milk into your green or pumpkin tea. Not only will you achieve a creamier taste, but you’ll also get calcium and protein. 

Fruit Juice or Citrus

Squeeze some grapefruit or orange and let the pulp provide extra texture or flavor to your tea. You can also add cranberry or pomegranate juice to enhance the tea’s flavor. What’s more, you’ll get extra nutrients and vitamins from the citrus additives.  

Mint for a Refreshing Taste

Even a pinch of mint can add a refreshing flavor to your tea. Not only can peppermint make you more alert, but it also can subdue anxiety, aid digestion, and treat bloating. 

Go Different with Blossoms 

Enjoy a spa treatment-like tea by adding a splash of hibiscus, marigold, jasmine, or cherry blossoms. These additives will give your tea a salty-floral flavor, a slightly fruity fragrance, and a more aesthetically pleasing color. 

A Scoop of Sorbet or Ice Cream

Unless you want to drink warm tea on sweltering hot summer afternoons, you might want to try a scoop of fruity ice cream to make your tea a more tropical delight. Vanilla, berry, or mint are perfect additives to make black or green tea more yummy and satisfying.  

Go Crazy Over Boba

You don’t have to line up at cafes to get boba, buy some online or at a nearby grocery store so that you can relax at your home while drinking cold tea with boba. 


Don’t be afraid to try different add-ins to make a whole new tea flavor. You can combine milk and boba for today, then opt for dark chocolate and cinnamon tomorrow Using the ingredients and combinations suggested here, you might even create a tea plan with different flavors for the whole week.


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