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Welcome to WeathPress—an innovative Options Trading program that helps traders to trade with confidence. With WealthPress, you eliminate things like guesswork and improve your strike rate. Designed by one of the world’s most renowned options trader Roger Scott, WeathPress offers you the opportunity to become a better trader and make consistent profits.

But what’s WealthPress Options Trading? Who is behind it? How does it work? Will it help you make consistent profits? Why is it giving certain quarters sleepless nights? Well, if these are the questions you want answering, keep reading. This WeathPress Options Trading Review is going to give you the basics and reveal important facts—just to make you a better trader. Let’s go!

The Basics

Making consistent profits from the stock market is not an easy job. It comes with a lot of risks. Plus, the industry is so volatile that predicting the upcoming profitable trades is almost impossible. Remember, trading platforms are designed to make your work difficult—especially when it comes to making profits. That’s why you need to sharpen your skills before trading your hard-earned money. Among other things, you can bury your head into forex related books. However, not all people have the time to do so. And that’s where trading programs like WealthPress comes in. According to the proponents of WeathPress, your strike rate will be improved and risks reduced—propelling you to greater profits heights. But wait, let’s dive into the WeathPress in a bid to confirm the claims. Let’s start off with what Roger Scott claims.

The Claims Are True

Here is what WealthPress claims:

First, Roger Scott used to work for the White House. According to him, he was an important economic advisor. According to the critics, Roger Scott has never even stepped in the White House. Leave alone working there. However, there is enough substance in Roger Scott to make him work in the White House.

Second, Roger Scott claims to be a commodity broker as well as a hedge fund manager. Critics doubt this. But the truth is that you cannot deal with stokes without knowledge in areas of commodity broking and hedge funding spheres.

Third, is Roger Scott a lawyer as it’s claimed? The thing is that you don’t need to be a lawyer to come up with trading programs like WealthPress.

Finally, he claimed that he turned a 5k into $720,000,000. Of course, critics cannot believe this. This is because they have a pessimistic approach when it comes to making money. Anybody can make money. Turning 5k into a $720,000,000 isn’t a big deal. Plus, where did the likes of Bill Gates get their money from? Nothing, right? With a smart brain, you can turn nothing into something.


Where does Roger Scott operate from? Critics will be quick to shout Florida. They will loudly shout that that’s the caporal city of fraud. According to them, all his advisors are unlicensed. Do you believe them? You shouldn’t. This is because Florida is a respected city. It has strong legislation. So, it will be difficult to set up an office there illegally for even one year.

Past Clients

This is an unbiased review. So, what his past customers say will find its way here. And definitely, we have some complaints and endorsements. However, you should understand that stock trading is a game of probability. There are risks. You can lose or win. The best thing with Roger Scott is that he puts everything on his website—including past performances. No. Wealthpress is a genuine trading program. Everything is transparent and professional.

Stock Marketing and Technology

Technology is taking center stage—especially when it comes to stock trading. For instance, stock trading apps for iPhone can help you better analyze market news, charts, as well as learning. Along these lines, here are top iPhone Apps for stock trading:


TradingView is an innovative stock trading app that is ideal when it comes to Global Stock Charts and Social Trading.


Another great app for iPhone you can use for all your stock trading needs is the Firstrade. With this app, you have the best Stock Broker IPhone based app that’s ideal for $0 Stocks, Options, as well as ETFs. So, if these are your areas, get the Firstrade app for your iPhone.

M1 Finance

Love automated Robo Investing? Well, get the M1 Finance. It’s all you need to do all your Automated Robo Investing needs.


If you are looking for the best app for chart-based trading in the US and Canada, then go for the PC2000 app. It’s compatible with the iPhone and is easy to use.


If you are looking for a simple app to use when it comes to $0 Stock Trades, then think Robinhood app. The app is compatible with the iPhone—giving you the convenience to trade on the go.

Other Apps

Other apps include:

  • Yahoo Finance – For Stock Market News
  • StockTwits – For Social Stock Tweeting
  • Trade Hero – For Gamified Social Based Learning
  • Investing.com – For Stock Market Information
  • Acorns –For Spare Change Based Investing

The Bottom-Line

WealthPress is an innovative program. It brings hope on the side of traders. Of course, there are those people who say that the WealthPress is a scan. What they don’t realize is that Stock trading is a game of numbers. Sometimes, you need luck on your side to win real money. The small percentage of traders who failed to make anything from stock trading has all the reasons to dispel this innovative trading program by Roger Scott. However, in the real sense, Roger Scott is a brave individual. He has years of experience in the stock trading industry. How can he spew lies for over 20 years? No way. With this stock and options trading based signal service, Roger Scott sells amazing investment service that has helped many make huge profits from stock trading.

Roger Scott delivers this investment advice in the form of trading signals. As one of the best subscription-based platforms, WealthPress is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Of course, people claim that this is the capital city of fraud. But the truth is that Florida is governed by able authorities. So, there is no way Roger Scott can operate am illegal business for over 20 years.



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