The technology of dental implants

technology of dental implants

The dental implant is a hollow implant placed in the alveolar bone, then screwed on an abutment, and finally installed a crown on the abutment. The teeth made by this bionic technology are precisely the same as real teeth, and the effect is very stable. You can eat anything you can with dental implants. Although dental implants are not natural teeth grown by the human body itself, they are already the most cutting-edge technology. It may be decades or even hundreds of years later. Technological progress can regenerate organs and tissues.

Effect on Durability of dental implants:

In general, the life of dental implants is affected by many factors. The life expectancy of dental implants in foreign countries has reached 30 to 40 years, but some patients are from 3 to 4 years, which is jointly determined by various factors. 

Patient’s own conditions:

 if your bone mass is sufficient (including height and thickness), bone density is suitable, and your gums are in good condition, then your dental implant will have a long service life, and there are natural teeth in the mouth. The higher the number, the longer the life of the dental implant. On the contrary, if the underlying conditions are not good, it will inevitably affect the life of the dental implant.

Implant doctor’s experience:

The precision requirements of implant surgery and repair technology are very high. The doctor must have received particular study and training, and have satisfied clinical expertise, to correctly complete each step of the implant treatment and successfully handle the procedure. Various special conditions encountered during the process to ensure the long-term effect of dental implants. Therefore, what kind of doctor you choose largely determines the length of your dental implant life.for consulting the best doctors in  Sioux falls you can browse sioux falls dental implants.

Selection of planting system:

 The planting system has strict requirements and standards in terms of production technology, shape design, connection method, processing accuracy, superstructure, and sterilization packaging. The quality of some imported dental implant systems has passed, and it has also achieved satisfactory results in patients. Among them, the implants come from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries, and the crowns have precious metal porcelain teeth, non-precious metal porcelain teeth, and all-ceramic teeth. There are differences in the effects of use. Choose the lifespan suitable for your own dental implants will last longer.

 The daily maintenance of dental implants:

 After some people make dental implants, they think that after spending so much money on dental implants, they can do it once and for all, thus neglecting the care of dental implants. After the dental implant is completed, it also needs careful consideration. You need to take care of it like a real tooth so that the dental implant can have a long life and no longer suffer from missing teeth.


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