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Ottawa railings and deck nail is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of stairs and railings. One of the few staircases and railing manufacturing companies using an ERP management system!

 Among them, Dims spiral staircase, stainless steel railings, stainless steel stair handrails, and guardrail accessories and other unique products have been exported to many foreign countries and have been loved by users in various countries.

Use a range of stainless steel railing:

Stainless steel railings are selling well on the railings ottawa market for their sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and durability. However, some customers report that rust appears on stainless steel railings very soon. The reason for rust of stainless steel railing is actually the difference between the purchased model and the place where it is used, which results in rust. Below we take a look at several models of stainless steel railings and their scope of use.

Stainless steel railings are mainly divided according to elements:

  1. Austenitic type: such as 304, 321, 316, 310, and so on.
  2. Martensite or ferrite type: such as 430, 420, 410, etc.

Austenite type:

Austenite type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, while martensite or ferrite is magnetic.  Most commonly used for stainless steel guardrails are austenitic 304 materials. Individually, they are non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, but they can also appear magnetic due to the chemical composition of the smelt, or the processing conditions are different. Failed. As mentioned earlier, austenite is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic. At the same time, martensite  is magnetic, because segregation of components or improper thermal solution during smelting will form a large number of martensite or austenite 304 stainless steel. Ferrite structure. In this way, 304 stainless steel will have strong magnetic properties.

Also, after the cold working of 304 stainless steel, the microstructure will be transformed to martensite. The higher the degree of deformation during cold working, the more martensite transformation, and the higher the magnetic properties of the steel.     

How to remove magnetic properties of 304 steel:

To completely remove the magnetic properties of the 304 steel, the solid austenite structure can be recovered and restored by low-temperature reliable solution, thereby eliminating the magnetic properties. It is mainly to be mentioned that the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel formed due to the above are not the same as the magnetic integrity of other stainless steel. Such as 430 and carbon steel, which means that the magnetic properties of 304 steel have always been shown to be weakly magnetic. If the stainless steel is weakly magnetic or completely non-magnetic, it should be judged as 304 or 316; if it is the same as carbon steel, it shows strong magnetism, because it is decided that it is not 304.

Railings professional production:

Ottawa railings professional production of various types of stainless steel railings and fence accessories, and more years of production and export experience, making quality railings Ottawa fence can be guaranteed. Stairs, excellent workmanship, novel style, and can be produced and processed according to customer drawings and samples.


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