The Dress Code Of The Lady Boss

lady boss

The lady boss is a real role model. It’s not easy to succeed in such a cruel world of business that men rule. However, it is not easy to get to the “top”, it is necessary to hold on. And, strange as it may sound, but competence and leadership skills alone are not enough. A woman, in spite of her status, must always remain a woman and thus be on top in all senses of the word. It is not uncommon that only the external image is the main part, and business is relegated to the background. A vivid example is Zahia Dehar. Of course, appearance here plays one of the key roles. 

To achieve success among colleagues, respect among partners and employees, to impress customers can always be with the proper wardrobe. The times of exceptionally strict standard and classic suits are over.

The basis of the wardrobe of the woman “boss” is a suit, both trousers, and a skirt. The suit set with a skirt of classic length – 5-7 cm above or below the knee, the spline of which is allowed only at the back – it is recommended to wear more often in the office, as in such clothes, a woman is better perceived by male business partners. It can be both a strict classic suit and a suit of an interesting cut and style.

As an alternative, it is necessary to pay attention to individual combinations of various jackets (are chosen proceeding from parametres of color type of the person) with skirts or trousers. However at ensemble drawing up, it is necessary to consider that the cut of each of the elements should be in measure strict, but at the same time simple and close to classics. Combining separately purchased items, you not only create a business image but also demonstrate your individuality and great taste.

Accessories and jewelry

A very important detail in creating the image of a modern woman boss! They can be both strict and concise, as well as with a touch of femininity. Skillful and correct selection of accessories such as a bag, scarf, watch and discreet, but appropriate in the business environment jewelry (brooches, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks) – this is the ultimate mastering which, you will bring in your business style individuality!

Individually about the bags

A woman’s bag is a whole story that says a lot about its owner. That’s why a business lady should be especially careful in choosing this style attribute. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Capacity. 
  • No fanciful decorations. 
  • Color combination. 
  • Harmonization of elements in an image. 


The business dress code allows for shoes of such styles as:

  • Classic “boats.”
  • Models with the open heel;
  • Leather shoes with a 5-8 cm heel.

It is worth forgetting about sandals. Combined with a strict suit, they look inappropriate, as well as shoes with an open nose.

When choosing shoes, consider that they should be as closed, stable, smooth as possible. Variants made of lacquered leather in calm tones are acceptable, but not in the format of important business events, such as negotiations.

This concludes our little tour of business style. Remember, when you are on top of it, you have to confirm your status in everything. And there is no doubt that you will succeed. A little patience and effort, a conscious approach to forming your own image and style, and no one will doubt that you are not just a good leader, but also an incredibly attractive and stylish woman.


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