DIY HVAC Installation: Is It a Good Idea? Everything You Need to Know

diy hvac installation

The last thing any homeowner wants to come home to is a dead HVAC unit. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes unavoidable.

A new HVAC system is expensive. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, your instinct may be to cut down on some of the cost by installing it yourself.

The truth is, DIY HVAC installation is a tough job. Unless you have a background in the heating and cooling industry, attempting the project yourself isn’t a good idea. Let’s go over why.

The Right Licenses and Certifications 

Installing an HVAC system requires many steps and intimate knowledge of how the equipment works. This is why most states require HVAC technicians to carry licenses.

Keep in mind that HVAC technology keeps advancing and new units come equipped with state-of-the-art features. The 20-year-old HVAC unit you know a lot about is now obsolete.

There are also environmental issues you have to consider. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires HVAC technicians hold certifications for handling refrigerants. This material is dangerous to the environment and requires care during the installation process.

Safety Issues 

Many regional codes set guidelines for the ventilation of HVAC units. This is a safety concern, as it’s associated with the air quality in your home.

Another safety concern is the risk of electrocution. When installing an HVAC system, you must work with electrical wires. Doing so without the appropriate knowledge and experience can be deadly.

Furthermore, improper wiring of an HVAC unit can lead to fires. Don’t risk this just to save money on installation.

Installing New Ductwork 

To do a comprehensive job installing a new HVAC system, you need to address the ductwork in your home. If it’s old and worn out, you’ll need to replace it.

This is another tough job that requires in-depth knowledge. You’ll also need the right equipment and materials if you plan to do it yourself.

The condition of the ductwork in your home can affect the way the HVAC system functions. If your home is old, you’ll need a heating & air conditioning professional to perform an inspection. The last thing you want is for poor ductwork to cause a new HVAC unit to overwork itself.

The Possibility of Mistakes 

Even if you understand HVAC systems and feel you have a grasp on the installation process, you run the risk of making mistakes. These mistakes could end up costing you lots of money and time.

There are many components in a heating and cooling system. All need to work in conjunction with each other for the entire unit to operate smoothly.

A minor mistake like a loose seal or fitting could cause a leak. This could lead to higher energy bills and further damage to your new unit.

Think Twice Before Considering DIY HVAC installation

Some home improvement jobs aren’t meant for the DIY-er. Installing a new heating and cooling system is one of them.

If you’re considering DIY HVAC installation, do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and leave the job to the professionals.

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