Loud Gaming Room? Soundproof It

Loud Gaming Room

We all love to watch sports. Any kind of competition is something that people cannot just look away easily. It is probably in our instinct; we have been ingrained with the need for survival. Back in the ancient times, people tend to kill and destroy each other for resources. Fortunately, this is not the case for most places in the world in modern times. According to this website, this is probably why we are drawn to a lot of games and competition which involves a bit of a challenge. Sometimes, we even look for it ourselves and it can be any kind of experience. As long as it is exhilarating, we will always find it enjoyable. 

On the other hand, there are those who just want to have a spectator experience on all of it. After all, not all of us are into the physical games. Being an observer has its own perks as well. You do not need to prove yourself to anybody and you can still enjoy the competition. Sometimes, people resort to betting to just feel like they are also participating in the games. However, it is also nice to just sit around, relax with a beer or two, and scream at the TV if you are upset about what’s happening. Read about this experience here: https://sportmanagementhub.com/bad-behaviour-in-sports-by-spectators/.

Watch & Play Some More

Watch & Play Some More

You can be into almost any ball sport that shown on cable. For most Americans, it would either be basketball, baseball or football. Hockey, on the other hand, still continues its reign in the True North. Soccer or non-American football dominates other countries like most of South America and Europe. Wherever you are, there always seems to be that one sport that everybody just loves. Even those who are not into it gets absorbed because of all the hype especially if the local team made it to the finals. 

There is also a new type of tournament that has been gaining traction in the online community: e-sports. Believe it or not, they almost rival the mainstream sporting events in terms of views. Just recently, the Riot Games’ League of Legends Worlds 2019 Finals reported that they have the highest view count for a sports event. It held more that 20 million total views worldwide. That’s more than any competitive match in the world. Its accessibility and the emergence of the e-sports community became a catalyst for this feat.

Meanwhile, there are also those who just want to play at home. There are a lot of games that you. can fit in a room. Online gaming platforms are one, as you just need a stable internet connection and sets of computers. This was used to be known as LAN parties, but with the advent of the internet, this was almost a forgotten custom. For other more physical activities, there are table tennis, billiards and some heavy lifting here and there. If you are into viewing or watching these, then it would make sense for you to have a gaming room.

However, most of these events and games do tend to create a lot of noise. You might have noticed it in Superbowl or MMA finals viewing. There is also the NBA Finals, and the views would usually just depend on the states and teams. There is one thing that unites all of these; the screams and other noise can be disturbing to the rest of the neighborhood. Gaming rooms can get noisy, especially in really hyped situations. If you want to be considerate and better member of the community, then it would be best for you to soundproof your gaming room.

Tips On Soundproofing Your Room

Tips On Soundproofing Your Room


  • Choose a location away from the neighbors.

One of the more common mistakes when people add their gaming room to the house is the location Most of them use it in the same way as an entertainment or living room, which is fine if you do not have enough space to work with. However, if you are going to play or watch games in the living room, be prepared for the noise that you are going to create. If you own your house, you can relocate the gaming room into the basement. That way, you wouldn’t need to control yourself while shouting at the game on TV. Here’s an article which discusses what you experience during a typical event.

  • Install soundproofing materials.

If you cannot choose the location of your room, then you might need to soundproof it by installing materials that do so. First off, you need to seal any kind of holes around your house. Make sure your windows and doors don’t gaps. Look for thicker curtains as some of them do repel the sound from travelling outside to the inside of your home. You can also put foam in between the walls to improve the acoustics of the room. It would make better sounding inside, yet the noise would not go out and disturb others. 

  • Create a bigger space for the room.

On the other hand, we understand that some of these may not even be possible, at least without any kind of preparation. If you can go with it, you can always choose a room with bigger space. Sound travels in waves, and they tend to weaken if they need to move into a non-constricted space. This disperses the wave, and in turn, it would weaken the volume of the sound. You may also opt for a round shaped room, but this needs to be specially constructed for you. 


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