The Top Travel Gadgets And Tools Available On The Market Today

top travel gadgets

Is travel on your bucket list this year? Are you dreaming of romantic nights in Paris, wildlife adventures on the safari, or skiing in the alps? Maybe you want to take a month or so off and see how far you can backpack in the wilderness.

Or maybe you’re on the road (or in the air) a lot for business. No matter you’re travel destinations or reasons, you need the top travel gadgets to make your travel adventures that much better.

Spectacles V2 – Video Recording Sunglasses

These are Snapchat’s second go at wearable tech, and we have to be honest with you. They’re pretty stylish.

Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays and look cool, but they also record moments throughout your day and save them to your Snapchat memories. This makes them a great way to effortlessly record travel adventures, without losing yourself in your phone.

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles – Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Do you perpetually have cold feet? Not the kind where you chicken out last minute, but the kind where your partner won’t let you cuddle up because you’re a human ice cube?

Then you need these heated insoles. If you’re traveling anywhere where the weather is less than 50 degrees, these insoles will keep you warm and cozy.

They’re remote-controlled, and you can set the thermostat to where you like. Their special technology helps wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and warm.

Universal Travel Adapter

When you’re traveling overseas, it may surprise you to discover that their outlets aren’t shaped the same as ours. So when you only have the standard two or three-prong plug, you’re in a bind.

But the universal travel adapter can be used with any outlet around the world. Make sure you’re never stranded with dead electronics and a plug that doesn’t fit the outlet.

Portable Charger

Let’s be real here. Airports never have enough outlets. But a portable charger means you can be running from one terminal to the next, and charging your phone the whole time.

There are several options on the market with different charge times and extra hours of power, so do your research. But know without a doubt that you need a portable charger before your next trip.


Sure, this isn’t new technology by a long shot. But it’s still vital for travelers everywhere. Keep your entire library with you and save space and weight in your carry on.

So in all the downtime in traveling, like waiting in line, waiting for a plane, or waiting for an event, pull out your kindle. Get in some much-needed reading time.

Steamfast Mini Steam Traveler

What’s the ultimate bane when packing your suitcase? Inevitable wrinkles.

But the mini steam traveler has you’re back. It’s easy to pack, small, and light. And it can get wrinkles out of your clothes in no time. No need to rush to a dry cleaner or fight with a cheap hotel iron.

Best of all? It only needs 15 seconds to warm up!

Nintendo Switch

Laptops don’t often have enough RAM, and games on your tablet can get dull and repetitive. But when you have an overseas flight ahead of you, you need something to kill a ton of time.

Bring in the Nintendo Switch. It’s the best thing to happen to portable gaming since the 3DS. With amazing games like Zelda, Call of the Wild, and Mario Kart, and Super Smash Brothers, it’ll provide hours of entertainment.

Plus it’s light, easy to pack, and has a battery life up to six and a half hours without charging.

And who knows, maybe your plane seatmate is into Mario Kart, and you can make a new friend!

Electronic Translator

Traveling where you don’t know the language? You need an electronic translator, like One Mini. These translating devices translate the local language into your own tongue, and vice versa, in real-time.

Now you know how to say exactly what you want and understand the answer. This tool is vital if it’s your first time traveling to a new country. It opens up so many doors for you and can keep you from making a social faux pas.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are a ton of options for devices like these. You can use them to prevent extra data charges on your existing phone plan, or stay connected to friends where there’s no service at all.

Some devices boost hot spot strength, others help you send texts and make phone calls when service is nonexistent.

So depending on where you go, look into what kind of cell coverage issues you’re likely to encounter. Get a hotspot or signal booster that will fit your needs.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Long flights, busy trains, obnoxious hotel room neighbors. There’s a lot of sounds you don’t want to listen to. Comfortable noise-canceling headphones can make your trip easier, quieter, and more peaceful.

And when you’re done traveling, these tips can help you find an apartment and adjust to a sedentary life.

The Top Travel Gadgets Will Make Your Life Better

The top travel gadgets all work to make travel better and more convenient. So before you take your next big trip, take a long hard look at this list, and include some of the most vital items.

After all, you never know when you’ll need them.

Keep checking back for more great tips to make your life better!


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