Find an Egg Donor: 5 Helpful Tips for Selecting an Egg Donor

find an egg donor

Fertility services are becoming an increasingly important in the total scheme of people’s health care.

More and more people are facing infertility in some form but still want to have a family. And the use of in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, is an increasingly popular way to overcome infertility.

In 2012, about 62,000 babies were born in the United States that were conceived with the assistance of IVF. About 21.3 percent of babies born using IVF or other assistive reproductive technology with donated eggs will result in a full term pregnancy with a baby with a healthy weight.

But what do you need to look for to find an egg donor?

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about donated eggs and IVF.

Don’t Worry About the Hunt

Luckily, you don’t have to literally find an egg donor. Imagine that — having to hunt down someone who you could eventually ask, “Will you give me one of your eggs?”

Donor egg bank and surrogacy services will do varying levels of profiling and analysis on women that donate eggs. In gathering as much information as possible, these providers try to paint a picture of what your child could look like.

Providers will compile this information into a directory of sorts. This will include several points of information such as physical characteristics such as race, eye color, height, build; socioeconomic information such as educational attainment, areas of primary residence, religious background; and many will provide a detailed genetic profile.

Look at Potential to Find an Egg Donor

There are no guarantees in fertility. Even among people who are not infertile and conceive a child naturally, no one can be perfectly certain of what a child will look like, what their tastes will be or what their health will be.

When looking at profiles, think of the characteristics or other factors as possible outcomes. Not all of the possible genetic factors of either the donated egg and the sperm will be present. Some may be canceled out, mixed or amplified.

Think about the hodgepodge of possible genetic outcomes like a lotto ball machine: there are thousands of possible combinations for the several factors that went into it and you can’t be certain until a child is born.

Nothing Is Perfect — But There Is No Need to Compromise

It is key to have patience and some degree of flexibility when you try to find an egg donor. There are so many factors to consider in fertility services generally. Finding perfection is difficult!

At the same time, don’t take the decision lightly or rush to anything. We are talking about creating a human life and adding a child to the world. All factors should be judiciously considered.

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