What Are the Best Places to Hide Money and Valuables in Your Home?

places to hide money

Burglaries are all too common in the United States.

There were 1.4 million of them in 2017 alone! Even worse, the same source reveals that $3.4 billion of property losses were incurred as a result.

Clearly, theft is an unfortunate (and expensive!) part of American life. All of us could do with taking preventative measures to protect the cash and valuables we keep at home.

Finding places to hide money, jewelry, and so on, is one of the most basic steps to take. After all, you can’t steal what you can’t find! The more pressing question is where exactly to hide everything.

We’ve got some top suggestions to help you find the best spots possible! Sound good?

Keep reading to discover 7 top household hiding places for your hard-earned cash and valuables.

1. In the Freezer

Imagine that someone’s just broken into your house.

They’ve smashed a window (FYI, having the best glass break sensor possible in your house would help you out here!) and let themselves in.

They’ll run to all the most likely places- under the mattresses, in your drawers, on the mantelpiece, and so on. The last place they’ll probably think to look (unless they’ve read this article…) is in the freezer.

Wrap your cash and valuables in a sealable plastic bag and tuck it away beneath the frozen peas! The wrapping process is all-important. Don’t let a defrosting disaster spoil your money and possessions!

Assuming you’re covered (literally) on that front, this is a top spot to protect your stuff.

2. In the Toilet Cistern

Hiding something in the toilet cistern might seem wholly unhygienic.

However, it’s another example of a novel hiding location that most burglars won’t think to check. That, of course, works in your favour.

Think about it:

If you don’t like the thought of poking around in the cistern, then the would-be thief probably won’t either. Again, you’ll need to wrap your valuables in water-tight packages first. Fail in that regard and your valuables won’t stay that way for long.

3. Under a Kitchen Shelf

A kitchen shelf might not seem quite as safe as the suggestions above.

But hear us out! We aren’t suggesting you just stick your money next to the coffee pot and call it a day. There’s more to it.

Basically, find an innocuous shelf that’s a bit out of the way. Then, place you valuables in an envelope and affix it to the underside of the shelf.

Let’s face it, burglars may well check the kitchen cupboards.

But, in a hurry, they’re far less likely to feel around on the undersides of every shelf!

4. In a Book

Hiding money in a book is a classic choice.

You might have seen this in the movies, or read about it (ironically) in books. Choose a book you no longer want/need, and cut out the inner section of it. You’re trying to create a box-shaped hole through the pages that’ll store your stuff.

When it’s placed back on the shelf, nobody will know any different. It’ll look exactly as it did before.

The only downside here is the relative lack of space available. Assuming you choose a standard book to tear apart, you’ll have to limit the amount of cash/jewelry etc that you stash.

5. In a Hidden Safe

There’s only one thing safer than a (good quality) safe…

A safe that’s hidden somewhere nobody can find it…And that can’t be removed.

A floor safe is a good option. For one thing, it’s well out of sight. For another, it’s under the floor! Few people will think to check beneath their feet (so long as you can avoid creaking sounds).

You might wonder how you can install one.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too complicated. You could remove a floorboard, pop the safe in the gap, and then pop the floorboard back. Voila, a hidden floor safe!

6. In Your Old DVDs

Does anybody still used DVDs these days?

Where streaming sites like Netflix have taken center stage, they’ve started to feel a little outdated. All the same, millions of us have a DVD collection still lying around.

It’s time to put it back to use.

Pick a DVD box or two and put your valuables inside. Again, replace the DVD back in its position so it looks the same as before. A bit like the book on the shelf, nobody should know any different.

The trick is to remember which one you put it in! The last thing you want is to be rifling through hundreds of DVDs when you need the cash in a hurry.

7. Under a Dresser Draw

Bedroom dressers and chests of draws are a popular hiding place among homeowners.

They’re so popular, in fact, that it’ll be one of the first places a burglar will look! You might think your socks do a good enough job of covering it all. Chances are fairly high, though, that they don’t cut the mustard.

If you go for the dresser draw option, think about applying a bit more tact.

Think back to the kitchen shelf idea and use the same logic. Pop the valuables in an envelope and attach it to the underside of a particular drawer.

Taking this extra step means someone rummaging around won’t (as easily) stumble on your haul. After all, who thinks to check underneath a drawer? Most people simply put their hands in and feel around.

The Best Places to Hide Money at Home

Are you looking for places to hide money at home?

Well, it’s a sensible idea.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans lose money at the hands of burglars each and every year. Anybody that doesn’t take steps to protect their valuables leaves themselves vulnerable to attack.

Hiding your goods is a great place to start. Hopefully, this post has provided some novel ideas to help you keep your valuables safe.

Are you looking for more articles like this one? Search ‘theft’ on the blog now!


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