4 Ways to Achieve the Gothic Boy Look

gothic look

There are so many aesthetic trumps that go about wearing gothic clothes. This doesn’t have to be the only black color that defines the black color. Read this article and gain insight from it about what can be done about achieving this look.

Giving attention to accessories

Nothing can go wrong when one has the right feel of sticking to the gothic look. Ten hairstyles can be made in a way that can accentuate the feeling of using the gothic look. The accessories that need to be used must be very updated to date. The sticking of the black to the overtone of grey can be very annoying. There should be very minimum intricate details that must be attached to the design part of the accessories. The ones which have less of the detailing should be of a darker color that can be pulled up to the shirt and under the vest. There are so many things that can be put off by how the icons and patterns on the accessories are made. The occult imagination and goat skulls are common examples. Wear metal bands that offer the same imagery and the upside-down crosses are very trendy.

Black hoodies may do the trick

This may make people darker in nature. But hoodies usually add to the lost glam which people miss. The leather can be coupled with it for use. Black denim shirts can do as much as justice to it than anything else.


The designs on the shirt can be very iconic to design. The insult of the gothic culture can be very much referred and this also implies putting up the right ornament for it. There are loose tops that can be used and the laces on them with cyber goths can be used for the fabric vests.


There can be a variety of things that can be worn as leggings. But the deal lies in sticking to the darker colors. Be it any pajamas or jeans, the deal is that they are tight enough to convey the gothic look. Leather and black jeans will be able to do enough justice to them. This may also mean that thighs can be prominent. But the pants are often made loose with the help of a flexible zipper. One can look for the pockets to be embellished in a proper way with laces. The jeans can be washed with bleaches and they can be torn from the knees to give a lighter look of black.

Thinking about the boots

This speaks volumes of how one has set out his personality for the outer world. The lighter the footwear the better it gets. There are so many other factors that affect how things work be it any sneaker or just the heavy boots. There are thick soles that are dependent on it. Thus the pair of boots can go way too long with this. Open-toe shoes are worn but they diminish the effect of a gothic look.


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