7 Common Skin Care Mistakes And How To Fix Them

skincare mistake

As the largest organ on your body, your skin is worth protecting. Taking care of your skin is very important however, it can be easy to make common skin care mistakes without even realising. While some mistakes are completely harmless, others can lead to rashes and irritation – and in the worst cases – an appointment with your dermatologist. In this article, we share the 7 common skin care mistakes people make and how to fix them.

1)Wrong Water Temperature

Washing your face with the right water temperature is integral to your skin care routine. Washing with hot water can cause symptoms of irritation and dry skin, while using water that’s too cold can often produce effects on your face that are just as bad. It’s important instead to always wash your face with lukewarm water for a less coarse experience and the best results. 

2) You’re Working Out With Makeup On 

Life can be a series of hectic moments as you try to get from point A to point B. Fitting in your gym session straight after work on a manic Monday can be a battle in itself, and with the added hurdle of taking off your make up, it’s a step that many seem to overlook. There’s probably nothing worse than getting your eyeliner and eyeshadow leaking into your eyes. What’s more, makeup and sweat can combine with grime and seep into your pores, which can then lead to epic breakouts that you would rather avoid. To be sure not to aggravate your facial skin, ensure that you take the time out to wash your face before you work out. 

3) You’re Washing Your Face Too Fast

Washing your face shouldn’t be a daily chore that you gloss over, but rather a pleasure to luxuriate in. Be sure to take your time when massaging your cleanser into your face before scrubbing, while making sure that no residue is left behind after you’ve rinsed your face. A thorough face wash can be the difference between cleaning your face of dirt properly and not. 

4) You’re Using Lots Of Face Wipes

Face wipes can be an easy solution to removing make up in a rush. Be sure however, not to fall into bad habits where you’re mostly using face wipes to cleanse your face. It’s important to properly cleanse your face with a thorough face wash routine that you consistently stick to. Taking shortcuts with regards to your skin care health can produce scary results that you may regret. Consider it a fact that if you’re not cleansing your face in the correct way, you’re never going to be happy using the latest serums and moisturisers as they’re not going to have an effect. 

5) You’re Not Exfoliating The Right Amount

Exfoliating correctly for your face can be a fine balancing act. Over-exfoliate and expect dry, irritated and inflamed skin, while not exfoliating sufficiently can cause clogged pores that can lead to rough acne. Not exfoliating properly can also make your other face cleansing products redundant due to dead skin cells preventing absorption. Be sure to exfoliate at least once or twice a week using natural cleansers that brighten your face by removing dead skin cells and impurities in the skin.   

6) You Haven’t Checked The Ingredients

When choosing the right skin care products for you, it can be tricky to determine exactly which ingredients to avoid. One of the most common ingredients to stay away from however, are Parabens, which are chemicals used as preservatives in a whole host of everyday bathroom products. Said to cause hormone disruption as well as breast cancer, Parabens are certainly not an ingredient you want to be putting on your face and body. To avoid using Parabens on yourself, look into using the best organic skin care products that contain no chemicals and use only 100% natural ingredients.

7) You’re Not Changing Your Pillowcase Enough   

Your current skin care routine may be neglecting a vital part of your everyday life without you knowing. You spend a number of hours each day laying on your pillow to sleep. Many people can make the mistake of not changing their pillowcase often enough, and in doing so this can lead to acne. It’s recommended that you change your pillowcase at least every few days, if not daily. If you don’t wash your make up off, this can also cause you to rub more dirt and grime across your face as you sleep. Be sure to use a silk pillowcase which can leave your skin feeling softer and help you to look younger.   

Taking care of your skin properly can often be a labour of love that you simply can’t skim over. Taking the appropriate time out to give your skin the caring, loving attention it needs, is the best way to ultimately make sure you avoid making these common skin care mistakes. It’s important to bear these in mind when researching skin care manufacturers and their products for you.


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