7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Security Cameras for Your Home

Security Cameras

Investing in an effective home security system might cost you a few dollars up front, but it will save you in the long haul. With the current increase in petty theft and break ins it’s of vital importance that you consider installing security cameras for safety. 

If you are still hesitant as to whether you should upgrade your current alarm system, then read the following 7 reasons why you should reconsider. 

  1. Protect your family from criminals

The most important reason why you should install a security system is to provide your family with the necessary security. It is a proven fact that residential houses without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into and targeted by burglars. 

When you install cameras, you give yourself and your family a heads up in dangerous situations. Setting off an alarm will not only call authorities and security guards; it also gives you the necessary time to move into a place of safety. 

  1. Protect your home from other dangers

Top of the range security cameras provide additional benefits to owners other than spotting a thief. Spending a little bit more on the best home security camera system will give you added benefits. 

A monitored system can warn house owners of any smoke or fire that might be detected in a living area. If a small flame isn’t detected within the first 30-45 seconds it can soon turn into a blazing fire. Home security systems are designed to detect heat and smoke. 

Add a carbon monoxide detector to your alarm system to detect early signs of carbon monoxide leaks. This deadly chemical can’t be detected by cameras but the right device combined with cameras can save your family from CO poisoning.

  1. Protecting your goods

When you spend thousands of dollars on jewelry, household appliances, electronics, and beauty products you should invest in protecting your valuables. No matter whether it’s your grandmother’s heirloom or an extremely sentimental piece, burglars don’t care about your connotation to the item. The focus is on retail value, as thieves rob valuable goods to resell them for a fraction of what they are worth. 

Without a sounding alarm you are increasing your chances of being robbed. Even if you keep your belongings in a safety box, burglars are skilled in breaking the code and getting into your safe. 

The loss experienced by victims of a burglary accumulates to much more than the initial costs spent on a good security system. 

  1. Serenity and peace of mind

There is no doubt that continuous broadcasts of break-ins that has resulted in malicious tragedies will make anyone extra anxious. Hearing stories about how citizens have experienced trauma because of a house robbery can be scary. Installing a home security system will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night. 

You might underestimate the importance of feeling safe. https://www.mentalhelp.net/blogs/the-importance-of-feeling-safe/ When you have a family to protect, you won’t be able to fully relax knowing that danger might approach at any moment during the day or night. Having that extra safety precaution will provide you with a serene feel in your surroundings. 

With an in-house camera system comes another added benefit of a security company monitoring your residence. Especially for families with young children, it provides great peace of mind knowing that there are experienced security guards on duty 24/7.
security guards

  1. Insurance Claim

Claiming insurance for stolen goods can be a real headache. What makes the process much easier is when you have proof of what happened. Catching a thief red-handed in a video will give you the necessary evidence to claim back from your home insurance. 

Most insurance companies give a 10-20% discount on personal belongings within the residence, when the homeowner has a functioning security camera operating system. 

Not only will you save on your home insurance, you will be able to capture any intruders on video.

  1. Remote surveillance

There’s no need to get a house sitter when you want to go away for weeks. The best home security cameras will give you the ability to check in from any remote location. With the drastic improvement of technology, you will be able to log into your video recording system and keep an eye on the in and outside of your residence. 

Remote surveillance doesn’t only come in handy when you want to go away on holiday. From the comfort of your mobile phone you can check in on your nanny, house worker, or other home service providers throughout the day and night. 

To learn more about remote video surveillance click here. 

video surveillance

  1. Pets

Just as much as our house is our safe haven, it’s our pet’s sanctuary too. Having cameras in and around your home provide extra safety for your pets. Keep an eye out for stray cats and dogs who want to either fight or eat your furry friend’s food.

Stray cats can wander into your house marking territory and leaving a fowl smell on furniture and rugs. Mark the spot where they enter your home or yard and take precautions against any unwanted intrusions. 

It’s not uncommon for thieves to steal purebred dogs and cats for breeding purposes. By checking your surveillance cameras, you will be able to spot any abnormal activity from thieves trying to lure your pets with tasty treats. 

Sadly, it’s also not uncommon for thieves to poison guard dogs a few hours before they want to break into a residence. Having a security camera system will give you the ability to check up on your pets’ whereabouts and late-night shenanigans. 

An estimated 2.5 million annual burglaries take place in the United States alone. Many home owners have fallen into the trap of not installing a security camera system, regretting it after making a huge loss after a break in. 

Better be safe than sorry. Take precautions by installing a home camera system to provide you with extra security and peace of mind. 


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