The Best New Year’s Goals for Every Zodiac Sign in 2020

new year goals with zodiac sign

On a universal scale, 2020 marks some major cosmic shifts. As a result, the upcoming year is one of transition towards new ways of being. Here are proactive goals that each zodiac sign can undertake to prepare for this momentous worldwide transformation:

Your assertiveness needs to be tapered with self-awareness and a sense of interconnectedness. The independence that served you well in the past may now play an isolating role in your life, so your aggressive mentality needs to be coupled with compassion and utilitarianism going forward.

This languid earth sign has been relatively docile as of late, but the slow pace won’t last much longer. In 2020, Taurus needs to focus on building momentum. For success, the gentle milk cow needs to be replaced by a charging bull. The ability to seize initiative is tantamount for Taurus now more than ever.

Up until now, the twins have been plagued by an overabundance of activity, but they somehow managed to maintain a solid footing in their affairs. Unfortunately, their capacity to multitask will be pushed past the brink this year, especially if they don’t learn to prioritize pursuits. Gemini has to make some tough choices this year; otherwise, they run the risk of exhaustion.

Learning about personal responsibility is going to be the crux of Cancer’s 2020 experience. If this sign openly acknowledges accountability in their shortcomings, they can witness a revolutionary outpouring of support. Sadly, selfish desires and uncontrolled impulses might run rampant this year, especially considering how intense lunar cycles may wreak havoc on this moon-ruled zodiac sign.

Attachment issues are going to be at the forefront of Leo’s mind throughout 2020. To avoid being plagued by insecurity, this sign must resolve to remain centered. If their stability depends on external factors, it could be a very rocky year for them; however, they can weather any storm by developing a spiritual core of self-reliance. Being ruled by the sun helps Leo remain perfectly still while being circled by a frenzy of chaos.

Virgo is going to clash with their own cravings for comfort this year. One way or another, you are going to get pushed out of your cozy bubble. As such, you should resolve to be at ease with unfamiliar settings and unexpected detours. By accepting this incarnation as a grand mystery, you can actually have a lot of fun, but that’s only if you stop trying to make reality conform to your expectations, which even you realize are unrealistic at times.

Poor Libra thrives on balance, so it’s going to be difficult for them watching the cosmic scales shift in 2020. Ethical concerns might be more abstract than practical, which means your excessively meticulous deliberations may ultimately interfere with a higher sense of pragmatism and intuition. If you can commit to accepting imperfections and narrowing your focus, the year can enshrine serious self-growth.

Scorpio loves to be hot or cold, but 2020 is a year where they should resolve to be lukewarm. Extreme reactions must be tempered, because emotional displays will only backfire. The temptation to act should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision. It’s better to be careful and methodical in your interactions. This approach will prevent misunderstandings and deepen your ties instead of damaging them.

While most signs need to pick up the pace in 2020, Jupiter’s native sign needs to practice just chilling out. Auspicious fortunes are in the air, but you might miss the gifts being given to you by believing hard work is the only way to proceed. Step back from the daily drama; otherwise, you only risk creating more. Make it your mission to stop striving, and you might be surprised what comes your direction.

A change in luck is coming for Capricorn, and the improved fortunes are well-deserved for these Saturn natives. The key to maintaining positive surroundings in 2020 depends on your ability to eschew superficiality. While an uptick in status might be in store, selfish tendencies could unintentionally generate ostracism and defensiveness. This year should be about sharing the wealth you accumulate.

This atmospheric air sign needs to find a way of getting back down to Earth. 2020 is going to pose a series of pertinent challenges that cannot be solved with the trademark idealism of Aquarius. Prime goals for the Uranus tribe should revolve around consistent planning. This is the year to make contingencies and develop levelheaded thinking. Check your Aquarius weekly horoscope for more details.

Neptune’s dreamy water sign needs to wake up in 2020. Their sensitivities are going to be harshly jolted by the changing cosmic energies, and it could lead them towards escapism. To avoid avoidance, Pisces must work to stay presently engaged with their day-to-day life. Structure will be fundamental for your well-being in this somewhat confusing year, and diligent effort will lead to clarity on the other side.

Note for All Zodiac Signs
2020 is shaping up to be a uniquely significant year, and the astrological metamorphosis will endure for generations, so this is the time to reflect on your life’s direction and trajectory. A great opportunity is available to unlock world-changing shifts in consciousness, and the consequences of every decision are amplified.


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