Why Is Recreational Swimming so Helpful in Addiction Recovery?

Why Is Recreational Swimming so Helpful in Addiction Recovery?

Recreational swimming makes it in the top five activities people love to do. For the nearly 20 million people battling addiction, it can have a greater purpose.

Recovery isn’t an easy path. But it’s a necessary one.

Exercise is always important for those on the road to recovery. Swimming is one great way to help you bounce back and get back to being your best self.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction recovery, check out these great reasons to get in the water and make a splash.

Rebuild Stamina

Those in recovery might be suffering from all kinds of elements that weaken them. They might be depressed and don’t want to leave the couch, their muscles might be weak, they might not have the focus.

Being in the water takes pressure off of you mentally and physically. It’s a great activity for those who need something gentle and low-impact to start out with.

The Full Package

Whether you’re just doing a few leisurely laps or are working towards improving your technique, you can build muscle and get your cardio in. You get two benefits for the price of one!

Refocus and Meditate

Whether you’re in alcohol rehab or fighting the urge to light up a cigarette, beating addiction takes focus. Training your brain is just as important as getting rid of physical symptoms.

Gliding through the water is its own form of meditation. Swimming for exercise can bring on feelings of peace and help you focus on your long term goals.

Beat Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life as well as a part of recovery. We all will feel it at some point in our lives, and it’s important to learn how to manage it so we don’t slip back into harmful habits.

Swimming can bring on anxiety in a good way. When you’re face down in the water, learning how to control your breath and swimming the length of a lane, you being to manage your feelings.

Bring Joy Back

Swimming doesn’t have to just be a meditative journey or a focused exercise session. It can be fun and help you re-connect with your loved ones.

Be playful. Do a cannonball into the water. Have a splash fight with friends and family.

Reconnect to the healthy, meaningful joy that makes life worth living.

Health Benefits Beyond the Pool

Whenever you swim, once you exit the water, the health benefits don’t stop. Regular exercise can help you with other aspects of your life long after you’re done.

Regular exercise helps you get a good night’s sleep. It can help your brain create more feel-good hormones and chemicals that boost your mood for hours afterward.

Recreational Swimming for Recovery

Coming back from addiction isn’t easy. Recreational swimming is a fun, healthy way to get back on track.

It’s low-impact, fun, helps you focus, and works both your mind and body. Swimming can be done alone or with your friends and family.

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