An Essential Checklist for Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents

An Essential Checklist for Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents

There is a somber truth about life that we try not to think about. That truth is that our parents will continue to grow older, need our help more, and won’t live forever.

Caring for your aging parents can be a tough time. Not only is caring for a senior citizen a large job, but the emotional toll of seeing your parents move into their golden years can be hard.

We’re here to help ease a bit of that burden. Below we have a solid caring for aging parents checklist, so you can make sure you are helping them where you can.

1. Financial Items and Legal Documents

Finances and legal documents can already be a problematic item depending on how well your parents dealt with them. It is important that nothing slips out of mind, as it can cost your parents their livelihood.

Consolidate all their financial information into easy packets. All important documents should be in one easy to find place and backed up digitally.

If need be, go over their will, their estate, and whatever power of attorney that may be necessary.

2. Insurance

Insurance will become more important as health becomes a greater concern. Make sure that your parents have sufficient insurance policies that fit their needs. This will include life insurance and medical insurance.

Go over and double-checkĀ forms like medicare and insurance buffers related to it. Medigap is a common type of insurance that helps cover what medicare doesn’t.

3. Physical Care

With the legal business out of the way, you need to consider what kind of physical care your parents may need. This can range from helping out with household chores to almost full-time physical assistance.

If you have the ability to act as a physical caregiver, there are a few items you need to understand. The ability to ambulate is key toward ensuring that senior citizens get the right activity to remain healthy.

As well, make sure that there are easy shortcuts and items to help with basic tasks. Things like easy-to-enter bathtubs and easy-to-reach cupboards.

4. Living Arrangements and Longterm Care

It is not a slight against you if you are not able to provide everything that your aging parents need, especially when it comes to physical care. You can’t ignore your job, spouse, children, or any number of other factors.

As such, a major consideration should be more longterm care and living arrangements. Depending on the state of your parent’s health, you may have to act sooner rather than later.

Nursing homes are the extreme end of the spectrum, but live-in caregivers are also an option.

5. Monitoring Their Health

Throughout this process, some aspects may start to decline. What started off as easy care to give may turn into an impossible task.

Keep an eye on their health. Living nearby for frequent visits can make this easy, but if it is impossible, frequent phone calls or check-ins can help.

If their health declines, you may need to consider some of the more extreme options on this list. As well, you can put off some of the items here while they are healthy, but you may need to step in more as their health worsens.

Crossing Off Your Caring for Aging Parents Checklist

This caring for aging parents checklist is a helpful tool in getting your parents through the burden of an ailing body and mind. Helping those who raised you can be a gift in itself.

For all moments with our family, whether celebrating the early years or cherishing the golden ones, there are many things to learn and discover. Tasteful Space has many articles on all aspects of life. Check out a few and discover something new!


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