What All The Best Bridesmaid Dresses in London UK Have In Common

best bridesmaid dresses

For most couples getting married, preparing for the wedding is a journey in itself. Making decisions for the venue, to the food, to the wedding attire is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The list of things to do before the wedding day seems to never end!

You will be asking significant people in your life to become part of your wedding entourage. The bridesmaids are typically the bride’s closest female friends and relatives. Thus, it only makes sense to select the best bridesmaid dresses for the important ladies in your life.

Choosing the Best Bridesmaid Dresses in London UK

You’ve chosen your bridesmaids, now it’s time to choose the dresses that they will wear on your special day. Your goal in choosing the best bridesmaid dresses London is to make sure your bridesmaids’ dresses will love their attire while complementing your wedding gown (and budget!).

Before selecting bridesmaid dresses, you need to assess how much you are willing to pay for them. If you have a very flexible budget, it will be easier for you to choose your bridesmaids’ gowns. However, limited finances may restrict your choices. But don’t fret because there are various sources and options out there. Start by setting a budget and work your way around it.

To guide you in your search, remember that the best London bridesmaid dresses have these common qualities:

  1. The Dress Has the Right Fit

No matter how gorgeous a dress is, if it does not fit the person well, it’s going to look awful. Although all eyes will be on the bride on the wedding day, bridesmaids expect to look amazing on the wedding day, too.

Your bridesmaids will likely have different heights and body types. So whether buying retail or having the dresses custom-made, the outfits should fit perfectly. If you are buying ready-made bridesmaids’ gowns, make sure to bring them to the tailoring shop for alterations. The side trip to the alterations shop will be worth it.

  1. The Dress is Unique

Back in the day, bridesmaids wore identical gowns. Whether that was the trend back then, the rules are different nowadays. Bridesmaids can still look part of the entourage without looking like they are wearing identical costumes.

Each bridesmaid can wear a unique version of a gown. This way, the built and personal style of each bridesmaid may be taken into consideration. One bridesmaid can wear an off-shouldered floor-length version if she wants to emphasize her shoulders but prefers to cover up her legs. Another bridesmaid may want to wear a dress with a shorter hemline with a sweetheart neckline. Taking your bridesmaids’ preferences into consideration is a great way to please your closest female friends or relatives.

  1. The Dress Complements Your Bridal Gown

Almost every bride dreams of having a perfectly organized wedding. One way to achieve balance and cohesion is by making sure your bridesmaids’ dresses complement your wedding gown. Here’s how to choose bridesmaids dresses that will complement your bridal gown:

  • Fabric: Do not choose the same fabric for your gown and your bridesmaids’ dresses. For example, if your gown is silk or satin, choose chiffon or lace for the dresses of your bridesmaids.
  • Embellishment: You can choose bridesmaid dresses that mimic the style of your bridal gown without overpowering it. For example, if your gown is adorned with beads, select bridesmaid dresses with embroidery to give their attire the embellishment it needs.
  • Style: The goal is to make the bride stand out during her special day. Choosing the same style dress will make you blend in with your bridesmaids, not stand out. For example, if you are wearing a ball gown on your wedding day, your bridesmaids should opt for leaner dress silhouettes such as a column or sheath dress.
  1. The Dress Can Be Worn More Than Once

A bridesmaid’s dress can easily cost $100 or more. Why not be practical and choose a dress that they can wear more than once? Whether you are paying or your bridesmaids’ are paying for their own dresses, a classic style and color make it easy to use in other events. Modern bridesmaid dresses also come in separates so they can pair it with other pieces of clothing after your wedding.


Choosing the best dresses for your bridesmaids is important since it not only influences the theme of your big day, it also shows your love and respect for the special girls in your life. You can be easily overwhelmed by the number of bridesmaids’ dresses in London. However, you can narrow down the choices by asking for the opinion of your bridesmaids and checking out the above tips.


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