Why Golf Courses Make For Surprisingly Good Photo Shoot Spots

Why Golf Courses Make For Surprisingly Good Photo Shoot Spots

Golf courses make for amazing photoshoot spots because they offer you all the amenities and views that you need. You might not have considered how much is going on at a typical golf club, but you can quite literally take any picture you need somewhere at the course. Continue reading to see how easy it is to create the best photoshoots at a golf course.

Golf Courses Are Immaculate

No grass will ever look better than the grass on a golf course. However, the rest of the club also looks perfect because that very same grounds crew is planting flowers, cutting the grass out front, and trimming hedge so that it looks perfect. When you come to the golf course, nothing is out of place. You can choose any spot you want, and the background will look brilliant.

Natural photoshoots or anything that requires a clean background will look great at the golf course.

Golf Courses Are Fun

You can actually take pictures at a hole on the golf course with the flag for the hole, golf equipment, and a golf cart. Some couples want to take fun shots when they get engaged, and that is why you should come to a golf course. If you are lucky, the golf course might also have tennis courts or even an indoor racquetball court.

Golf Courses Offer Other Natural Features

Going to a place like Stone Creek golf in Ocala allows you to see a creek, water features, wooded paths, tiny bridges, and shadowy areas under the trees. You can get out of the hot sun to take some pictures in the shade, and you can stick your feet in the water, walk down by a water feature, or stick your feet in a sand trap. The golf course is much more than a few holes and fairways.

You can walk many paths on this course, and you will find benches where you can take pictures, open areas for a picnic, or spots where the light peeks through the trees.

The Golf Course Likely Has A Clubhouse

You can take pictures by the clubhouse, and you can take pictures outside and inside. You can use the exterior of the clubhouse to take pictures that make it look like you are standing outside a mansion. You might sit on the patio for some of your pictures, or you could take pictures by a beautifully-adorned front door.

Once you go inside the club, you can go to restaurants for some pictures, and you might even sit at the bar. Some couples would like to take pictures in an office, or they might sit in a lounge for a few pictures. The golf course and the clubhouse offer you so many opportunities to take a good picture that you may need all day for your shoot.

The Golf Course Is Typically Accommodating

A golf course operates every day, and it will be fairly easy to get permission to come to the club for some pictures. This is a much easier thing to schedule than trying to book a public park with people coming in and out all day. This is cheaper than trying to book an historic home, and you can change your dates easily if the weather is not favorable.


Going to a golf course for your photoshoot will give you amazing results. You can take pictures on any part of the course, or you can come up to the clubhouse for your pictures. Any photographer should consider a golf course no matter the type of photoshoot they have planned.


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