Top South Indian Dishes for Hungry Travelers

south indian food

What’s the first cuisine that strikes your mind when you hear the word “Indian Food”? Indian food is all about crispy kebabs, Mutton Biryani, juicy butter chicken, spicy fast food, and soft desserts. The best part about Indian food is that the types of cuisines in our country differ from state to state. 

While Punjab is famous for Sarso Ka Saag and Chola Paneer, Gujarat will feed you Undhiyo and puffy Dhoklas. You get the best Biryani in Hyderabad and delicious Idli in South India. The list of best Indian cuisines isn’t complete without South Indian dishes. Let’s see the Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Chennai food guide for hungry travelers.

Masala Dosa


Masala Dosa is a traditional South Indian dish that is served in almost all corners of India with different flavors and fillings. This breakfast meal is so delicious and popular that South Indian travelers are ready to eat it for all meals. The Dosa can vary depending on the stuff filled in it and the crispiness of the crepe.

Dosa tastes even more delicious when you put a white coconut chutney and hot and sour lentil soup alongside the dish. The chefs can choose any filling, but the Dosa is usually stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and mashed potatoes.


The texture of Idlis look somewhat similar to the bread, but its taste is outstanding. This ivory colored south Indian cuisine looks like a smooth and puffy rice cake with delicious flavors. Often considered as the breakfast meal, Idli is served with Sambar and white coconut chutney. 

If you aren’t fond of spicy and heavy meals, then Idli can be an ultimate solution to satisfy your hunger pangs when traveling.


If you haven’t eaten or seen Uttapam, it’s going to be super hard for you to differentiate this South Indian cuisine with Pizza or Pancakes. Uttapam resembles Pizza, but are famous for their unique flavors. The cooking recipe of Uttapam is almost similar to the Pancake. Once they are cooked, the chef decorates this dish with beautiful and delicious toppings including chopped tomatoes, onions, carrots, coconuts, chilies, and more.

The fluffiness of Uttapam is similar to Dosa. But the moment you have the first bite, you will savor a flavorful and yummy cuisine that’s so full of veggies and South Indian toppings. The dish can either be served with or without chutneys and soups.


Another soft and fluffy South Indian cuisine that’s made of rice flour and coconut milk is Appams. This puffy and smooth crepe tastes delicious with Istew and Ishtu. Istew is made of coconut milk and comprises fresh veggies, peppers, and meat. Appams are a wonderful choice for travelers who want to stick to their low-calorie diet yet have a delicious meal. 

Banana Chips

banana chips

Banana Chips are the fresh and crunchy yellow chips that are fried and served fresh on roadside streets. The chips are fried in coconut oil, hence, giving a mild coconut flavor. Banana Chips are the tea time snacks for South Indian travelers.


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