Simple ways to show respect for your customers via social media?

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Social media marketing is one of the greatest means of brand awareness, boosting businesses, and finally increasing sales. But the important thing is that social media users dislike being bombarded just by commercials and advertisements about your products/services. You have to gain the trust of your followers on social media and persuade them to like your brand.

One of the most crucial factors you need to consider is to thank your customers to keep them buying your products/services and also convince others to try your brand. Gratitude will make your customers happy about their purchase and let them feel they are part of your story. Of course, thanking is not just typing “Thank you very much”.


In this article, we are going to summarize several simple ways to indirectly show respect for your customers.

User-generated content

Many people especially young boys/girls want to be seen/mentioned on a well-known account’s posts. Using this trait, you can kill two birds with a single stone.

First, you will make them generate high-quality content (mentioning your product/service in it) to be shared by you. This will reduce the time/money you need to spend on content generation.

Second, as you have posted their pictures/videos thanking them for purchasing your product/service, they will definitely share your post on social media. This will bring you a significant rate of organic share.

Friendly and scheduled engagement

One of the most important factors which shows how much respect you have for your customers is being engaged with them. Being accountable in your engagement can prove that you care about their opinions, critics, and any reactions.

Try to strengthen your relationship with them on a personal level and adopt a friendly tone of voice in your reactions. For example, try to use images, GIFs, and stickers in your replies. This is very important because according to Social Tradia, even famous influencers on Instagram who are not intimate with their audiences can lose their followers and are forced to sell their Instagram accounts.

Also, remember that you have to be available for them and do not miss any of your mentions. You can use tools like Crowdfire in this regard.

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Live videos work miracles

Nothing is more important than appearing like a human on social media, not like a robot. Remember that people do not like to interact with a selling machine. So, showing face-to-face respect and thankfulness can be more useful compared to any other way.

To personalize your gratitude messages, you can use unbranded videos mentioning your customers and tell them how important they are to you.

More importantly, we recommend utilizing Live features available on many social networks like Instagram. This is the most genuine means of thanking your customers and let them know you do not forget them.

Let them complain about your product/service

Social media is not just about complement. You need to be ready to hear every reasonable critic and complaint your customers might have. The internet is a viral space for any information, so you have to be ready for everything and react quickly to any complaint.

An important method is to put yourself in their shoes and consider the problem to be your own issue. Then, you have to stay cool, apologize for any possible mistake, and finally provide the customers with a solution.

Provide them with informative content

This item might be of great importance to many businesses. Many niche relevant audiences seek for related information and spend their time googling that data.

You can take advantage of social media to help your customers learn something new about your niche and redirect them from other sites/channels to your account. For example, if you work in the food industry, you can provide scientific information about food, health, weight, lifestyle, or any other relevant topic.

Also, you can take a step further and check your followers’ bio, or recent posts to know their interests and generate content accordingly.

informative content

Special offers

You can offer your special customers, special offers to persuade them to keep buying from you. This would result in generating more leads and converting them into sales.

For example, you can offer a free product/service to anyone who has shared/liked/commented more than a certain number. This can be repeated for special buyers who have bought more than a certain amount in a month. You may be willing to mention them on your account to thank them.


Thanking people in everyday life is of paramount importance and customer service via social media is not an exception. You just need to care about your customers and put yourself in their shoes. Try to personalize your reactions, make customers feel important, be honest in everything, accept your mistakes, and provide solutions.



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