6 Essential Tips for Shooting Remarkable Drone Photos


With the rise of drone technology, photography has become a whole another game. In recent times, aerial photography has gained popularity among photographers. Aerial photography is completely different from photographing from the ground. Aerial photography is much more complex and takes more time to make a composition. In addition to this, aerial photography comes with its own limitations and rules in order to get the perfect shot. 

Taking photos using drones has its own perks as you can cover many angles and possibilities using this latest technology. Since the technology is new there is not so much information on how to take perfect shots using drones. So, we have listed a few tips for you to take amazing photos with your drones so that you can make the most of your gadget. 

Tips for Shooting Awesome Drone Photos 

  1. The Altitude Factor:

It is a common misconception that you get better drone photos from a higher altitude. However, this is not entirely true as the landscape gets messy as there are so many objects in the frame from a higher altitude. It is advisable to experiment with different heights to find what’s best for your composition. With drones, you have the advantage of adjusting the height as per convenience to get the perfect shot. 

  1. Use Google Earth:

With the advancement in technology, Google Earth has become quite sophisticated in recent times. 3D view in Google Earth is a remarkable feature which allows you to see everything in 3D say your car, house etc. Google Earth can help you in getting an idea of your shot and other relevant information like altitude to produce astonishing drone photos. 

  1. Use Panorama option for ultra-wide angle;

This option is for the people who wish to capture more than the frame allows. You can use the full sphere panorama option and you can pick the right frames later on. 

  1. Weather Conditions;

Before flying your drone to take amazing shots always keep a check on the weather to avoid any complications. You can fly your drones around the fog to capture the magical atmosphere. 

  1. Use Optimum settings 

Always use optimum settings when taking pictures from a drone. Use the right settings for image quality, aperture and sharpness to get the best shot possible. 

  1. Get comfortable with your drone

Last but not least, it is important to get confident when flying a drone which will happen naturally as you keep on flying it more and more. Do not panic when you lose signal or face issues. Press the RTH button and it will come back to you. 


Drone Photography has been the fastest-growing photography trend of this Digital Age. With the help of drone photography, you can break limitations and aim higher. With drones, you can capture landscapes, cityscapes, real states, weddings and much more from a higher altitude and a different vantage point. 

One of the best drones for capturing these remarkable photos is DJI Ronin S which has a superior 3 axis stabilising system for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. In addition to this, DJI Ronin S is supercharged with amazing features for professionals.

Last but not least, if you follow these simple yet powerful tips then you can capture amazing photos from an entirely different perspective. With more and more practice you will be able to get better shots. One last piece of advice, Always be careful while flying a drone and follow all rules and regulations to avoid any legal issues caused by an accident while using your drones.


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