10 Signs That You Need An Electrician (Fast!)

10 Signs That You Need An Electrician (Fast!)

You never know you need an electrician until something catastrophic happens and you need to call one in immediately. Use this article to learn about 10 common warning signs that show you need to call a home repair electrician.

1. Your Circuit Keeps Breaking

If your circuit keeps breaking and cutting off all the power in the house, then it’s time that you call in an electrician to figure out why the circuit keeps overloading. Not only is a constantly-tripped fuse a pain, but it’s bad for the health of your electrical system.

2. Your Electrical Bill is Too High

If your electrical bill has shot up over the last little bit you can’t figure out why, it’s time to call in an electrician. They’ll be able to locate the source of additional power drawn.

3. Your Appliances Aren’t Working Correctly

If none of your major appliances (dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.) are working correctly, it could be because they’re not getting enough power. You need an electrician today to figure out the problem.

4. Your Lights are Flickering

If all of your lights are flickering, then you need to diagnose the reason why your electrical power isn’t holding constant. If it’s just one light, however, it could be a simple DIY bulb replacement that you need to look towards. This will be far more inexpensive than calling in an electrician.

5. Sparking Appliances

If your appliances keep sparking when they’re plugged into a socket, call an electrician in your area right away. Unchecked, this problem could very easily result in an electrical fire that could put your entire building at risk.

There is no scenario where an appliance should be sparking when you plug it in. Something’s definitely wrong.

6. Not Enough Outlets

If you don’t have enough outlets in a room, and are instead relying on an extension cord to have enough places to plug appliances into, then you should call an electrician. Get some more outlets put in so that you’re not overloading any single one.

7. Receiving Shocks

If you’ve ever felt a little jolt of electricity when you touch a socket or plug something in, call an electrician. There shouldn’t be that much electricity running through the circuit so as to give you a shock.

8. Outlets are Hot to the Touch

A home’s electrical wiring is engineered in a way so that at no point should an outlet or part of a wall feel hot to the touch. If that’s the case, something has failed and an electrician can help you pinpoint the root cause.

9. Buzzing Walls

Buzzing is for bees, not walls. If you here a constant buzz from your walls then there’s some electrical circuit that’s not grounded that needs to be.

10. Exposed Wiring

If there’s any exposed wiring in your electrical system, tape it up. Then, call an electrician to figure out where the wiring is running in from, and get him or her to either remove the wiring or redirect it to an outlet. Exposed wiring is a significant health hazard.

Need an Electrician? Call Today

If you need an electrician, call for one today! Don’t wait until something bad happens.

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