New Homeowner: 5 Top Things You Have to Buy for Your Home

New Homeowner: 5 Top Things You Have to Buy for Your Home

Is your house making you rich?

There are 20 cities in America where over 80% of the residents own their homes, and their bank accounts are profiting. While homeownership can be expensive, it also provides owners with the opportunity to build wealth over time.

As a new homeowner, you build equity every month, enjoy tax deductions, and you also get capital gains exclusions. You’ll also get the chance to benefit from appreciation, which means your house can increase its value over time.

Yet, if you’re new to owning a home, you’re probably missing a few must-have household items. Instead of waiting until the last minute to realize you don’t have an item you need, why not be proactive in buying things for your home? Read on to learn the items every homeowner needs to have.

New Homeowner Vacuum Options

As a new homeowner, it’s best if you have more than one type of vacuum to match the different flooring styles in your home. American homes are now larger than ever before.

Looking back at 1983, the average home size was right around 1, 725 square feet. Today, the average home size is 2,598 square feet or bigger. The larger size of houses is one of the reasons homeowners insurance coverages are more extensive than they used to be.

If you want to be able to clean your floors quickly, and efficiently, you’ll need the right type of vacuum in your corner. Here are some of the different type of vacuums you should consider:

  • Upright vacuum
  • Stick vacuum
  • Wet and dry vacuum
  • Handheld vacuum

An upright vacuum is a typical model you’ll find in most American homes. If you live in a multi-level house, make sure your upright vacuum is lightweight. This way you’ll be able to easily carry the vacuum up and down the stairs.

Home Security System

To keep you and your family safe, we suggest investing in some type of home security system. Here are the features your home security system should have:

  • Ability to contact the fire department and police
  • Can tell when smoke detectors went off
  • Easy to understand

It’s best if the alarm system can contact the police and fire department in the event of the smoke detectors going off. You should also invest in a system that’s easy to understand.

After all, there’s no point in having the security system in place if you aren’t sure how to use it. In addition to getting a home alarm system, we suggest installing strong deadbolts on all of your doors and latches for your windows.

Extension Cord

New homeowners never think about needing an extension cord, until they need one. Here are a few tips for buying your first extension cord:

  • Not all cords have the same capacity
  • Double-check length of cord
  • Verify if it’s an indoor/outdoor cord

The extension cord you buy will need to be powerful enough to conduct the necessary amount of electricity for the type of tools you own. While you should get a long cord, be careful to not get an overly long one.

As a good rule of thumb, the cord should be at least 10 feet long. Any longer than that and you might end up with ore cord than you need, making coiling it back up a bigger hassle than it has to be. Finally, pay a little more to get a cord that’s outdoor rated, and can withstand any type of weather.

Welcome Mat and Entry Rug

Your doormat will serve a duo purpose of both welcoming guests, while also helping keep your floors clean. Since your welcome mat will be the first item of your house guests see, you must choose the right size, design, and style.

Here are a few features you’ll want your welcome mat to have:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather durable
  • Correct size
  • Represents your house theme

First, make sure the welcome mat you buy is a slip-resistant material that’s easy to clean. Next, do a quick measurement of the area in front of your door to avoid buying a mat that doesn’t cover the entire area.

Finally, if you have a theme for your interior decor, your welcome mat should match it. For example, if your house has a vintage farmhouse theme, your mat could have harvest vegetables on it, or be a warm fall color.

Entry Rug

If you have a large hallway by your front door, you might want to consider getting an entry rug to line the hallway as well. If you don’t have a large hallway then an additional mat on the inside of the door will help capture any extra dirt or debris.

Broom and Dustpan

Why get a broom and dustpan if you’re already getting vacuums? Cleaning up messes is a big part of being a homeowner. Here are a few ways of having a broom can help:

  • Picking up dead bugs
  • Dusting off fans
  • Cleaning broken glass

If you break a glass on the ground, you won’t be able to suck up the large pieces with a vacuum. Instead, you can safely discard large pieces of broken glass by sweeping them up with your broom. (

Enjoying Your New Space

It can be strange at first, being a new homeowner and sleeping in a house that’s not quite set up. When your living room’s full of boxes, and your kitchen still isn’t set up, it can be easy to feel like a stranger in your own home.

Take some time to unpack the items that you love, even if they’re not something you’ll need to use right away. Hanging up familiar artwork, or being able to look at your favorite photographs, can go a long way in making your empty house feel full of love.

Want to know more ways to make your house feel amazing to live in? Check out our Home section, right now!


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