Dog-Friendly Travel to Chicago- A Useful Guide

dog friendly travel

CHICAGO, one of the more tourist-packed city and most flock here for the different architecture, Football, museums, and also home to the famous Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza. They are also one of the most dog-friendly cities to visit all over the country.

If you have a dog as a pet and can’t find anyone to leave him with, then worry not, Chicago will welcome you and your pet dog with open arms. It’s a hassle-free city to bring your dog to. There are private accommodations, recreational activities, parks, beaches, and restaurants designed for you and your four-legged traveling companion so you can sit back and plan your trip with ease. I have mentioned a couple of dog-friendly hotels and activities in Chicago, along with a few paw-friendly tourist spots and restaurants. 

Prep & Planning

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Bathroom Breaks

First and foremost, you have to plan your pet friend’s poop breaks. If you still don’t know the poop cycle, just start observing a week before the trip or as early as you can. That way, you begin familiarizing yourself with the timings and how they act before excreting. By pre-planning it, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted smell or mess while you are traveling.

Carry Meds

You must note this down right away. Bring the pills for potential motion sickness and any other medical condition you or your pet might be suffering from.

Plus, get an emergency vet number for the area you’re visiting. In this particular instance, get yourself a vet contact in Chicago. If, for any unfortunate reason, you end up needing one and you don’t have an emergency contact, it can really take away the joy out of your trip.

Papers and Permits

If you are traveling with a non-human partner, even if it’s your harmless baby dog, you will still need to carry all the relevant documents. A few of the mandatory MUST CARRY official traveling permits, proof of recent vaccination, and deworming. There are various other documents you may need to show, but that varies country-to-country.

Keeping recent photos is a must for accidental emergencies. It’s always safe to put a microchip on your dog’s collar in the leash/harness if the worst comes to the worst.




I, myself, rented a car. It’s the most stress-free way of traveling with your canine friend. You are not subjected to any form of restriction, plus your doggo will really feel the joy of traveling. Just make sure that he doesn’t keep his head out of the window for safety reasons.


Airplanes have their fair share of restrictions when it comes to traveling with a dog. So call beforehand and get up to date with all the policies and requirements. You will need a pet passport, all the relevant documents mentioned before in this article, and a carrier. Also a stupidly high fee of $300 or more.


This is by far the least popular option for you because you can only bring your pet dog if you meet the weight and size criteria. Then you have to make sure your fur friend isn’t too loud, and the worst part of it all is that you gotta keep him/her contained in a carrier. 

Dog-friendly hotels in Chicago


It’s effortless to find a variety of lodging options for your traveling companion here. I have listed a few of the luxury and affordable dog friendly hotels in Chicago, so whatever your traveling demands are, you got it here.

Plus, most of these welcome your doggo with complimentary treats, plushies, toys and other amenities. Almost all of them come with no extra fee for bringing in your four legged partner. Without any further ado, let us get onto the accommodation list:

Luxury Hotels

We all deserve to taste the lifestyle of the rich and famous. We also tryout best to have our close ones have a taste of it as well, so why not get your canine-mate to live out a posh vacation.

1. The Talbott Hotel

  1. Swissotel 
  2. Thompson
  3. The Kimpton Gray Hotel
  4. The Guesthouse Hotel

Budget-Friendly Hotels

As much as you may want to destress and unwind, you may not have the budget capacity to back up a fancy trip for both your pet friend and yourself. Moreover, budget-friendly do not mean these are basic place to crash and leave. The hotels in my list came well suggested by my colleagues and acquaintances alike. Just be sure of the fact that you will definitely enjoy staying here.

  1. Inn at Lincoln Park
  2. Chicago Lake Shore Hotel
  3. Kimpton Hotel Allegro
  4. VRBO Chicago
  5. Any Airbnb for the best price with quality


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