Is Fluoride Varnish Safe

Fluoride Varnish

Undergoing different dental procedures is an ideal way of keeping your teeth in good shape. They are a part of your body that plays a crucial role in several things like digestion and your beauty. You should take proper care of your teeth all the time. Different products may prove to be beneficial in the process. Prophy paste, which is commonly used during a dental cleaning procedure, is essential. It helps in getting rid of the stains on your teeth and leave the surface of your teeth smooth.

Fluoride varnish is another product mostly used during fluoride treatment. The mineral found in the product occurs naturally in your teeth. Using fluoride-containing products helps in strengthening your teeth. The product is applied directly to your teeth and allowed to stay for some time to take effect.  You can remove it from your teeth by brushing after a few hours. Fluoride varnish application on your teeth is a simple process that you can do by yourself or with the help of a dentist. Going for the procedure will leave your teeth healthy.

The Safety of Fluoride Varnish

Most people have been questioning the safety of fluoride varnish. Well, there are risks and benefits linked to its use. Using it in the recommended amounts or manner keeps you free from the associated risks. A wide variety of those who experience the side effects of applying fluoride varnish are using it in high amounts. Excessive use of the product can bring about tooth sensitivity. This will make you feel a sharp pain when taking certain types of food or beverages. You are at a high risk of fluorosis which occurs when your teeth are subjected to high levels of fluoride. Your teeth may become discolored as a result of the condition. All in all, the product is safe only if it is used as prescribed by the dentist or in the right amounts. It can be used in both adults and younger kids.

The Significance of Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Using this product benefits you in so many ways. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Good for Your Overall Health

There are other illnesses you are likely to contract as a result of the dental conditions you are experiencing. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, oral cancer, and pregnancy complications are some you will experience when you fail to take proper care of your teeth. The use of fluoride varnish is one remedy you should try out to keep your teeth healthy and stay free from illnesses that may come about as a result of poor oral care practices.

Prevents Future Expenses

You are likely to incur a lot of expenses in the future on dental treatments if you fail to take proper care of your teeth in advance. Your condition will worsen with time, and this might force you to spend more on the treatments required during such a period. Using fluoride varnish during the early stages keeps your teeth healthy and free from any conditions that may arise in the future. Parents are urged to take their kids for fluoride treatment at an early age to keep them healthy and avoid future costs.

Stronger Teeth

This kind of treatment guarantees the development of strong and healthy teeth. Fluoride is a product that makes your enamel less susceptible to demineralization which usually comes about as a result of acid action on your teeth. Stronger enamel keeps you free from different conditions, and you will also have a smooth time taking certain types of food.

Prevents Cavities

It is one of the critical benefits linked to the use of fluoride varnish. Cavities are holes or cracks that usually form on your teeth as a result of weakened enamel. The surface of your teeth becomes weak when bacteria reacts with sugar available in the drinks and food you consume to produce an acid that weakens your enamel. This puts you at risk of getting cavities and cracks on your teeth. Fluoride varnish prevents such by strengthening your enamel and also eliminating bacteria.


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