Why should you pick granite sinks from the kitchen sink mix for a modern look?

pick granite sinks from the kitchen sink mix for a modern look

It’s time to breathe new life into your old kitchen.

Have you ever wondered which area in your home sees the most activity throughout the day? You might think it’s your living room or even the master bathroom, but home surveys across the US present an interesting fact. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and it is the hub of all activities.

Since it withstands the majority of all hubbub, it deserves the most durable and robust utilities and accessories too.

Let’s think about the electronic appliances in your kitchen. You have a fridge, a microwave oven or an OTG, a dishwasher, a gas oven, food processor, coffee maker, slow cooker, and even a toaster. Well, while shopping for these appliances, did you only consider their price and looks?

Ideally, while furnishing the kitchen, homeowners need to look beyond the price tag and the finish of the items. That is one of the primary reasons porcelain and ceramic sinks are going out of fashion. Along with the urge to invest in sustainable and quality appliances, people have begun to seek excellence in their kitchen countertops and sinks.

What is granite?                                       

On the other hand, granite is a naturally occurring stone. It is an igneous rock that possesses incredible hardness and resistance to heat and pressure. Much like the granite countertops that are typically shiny and smooth, the granite sinks offer high shine and a superb polish. Natural granite kitchen sinks are durable and hardwearing.

What is granite composite?

Granite composite is sturdier than quartz composite. It is an engineered material that uses a mixture of granite stone dust and artificial resins. The mix then assumes the shape of a sink under high pressure. The entire process is machinery-based, and hence, the chances of finding flawed composite granite sinks are rare. Sometimes, experts and reviews do use the term “composite sink” to refer to granite composite sinks.

In an apparent view, both the sinks look almost identical. Although many use the terms granite kitchen sink and granite composite sink interchangeably, the two sinks have very different price ranges due to differences in the material or composition.

Granite composite vs. granite sinks: the pros and cons you should consider before installation

Composite material

Granite composite is resistant to heat and pressure, but due to exceptional engineering of the material, the distribution of the mixture is even. It is highly resistant to heat, hard water, scuffing, acidic solutions, and soap solutions. They are easy to install and maintain. Granite composite does not even require the additional protective layer that natural granite sinks and countertops do since the top layer already consists of highly resistant acrylic resin.

Granite composite sinks are easy to handle and install. It does require some assistance during installation, but any homeowner who has experience in remodeling might be able to manage a granite composite sink mounting. Since it is also resistant to scratching and scuffing, it withstands some roughhousing during installation.

Natural granite

Since granite is natural, the composition of the material can vary depending upon the area of excavation and the varying circumstances of its formation. Although it’s durable, it is prone to damage in certain areas where the natural composition is somewhat different or susceptible to acidic or potent alkaline solutions. Most granite sinks require a seal to prevent stains from natural acids and alkalis, coloring agents, and oils. Pure granite sinks are expensive, and adding the protective seal or layer on top contributes to added expenses.

Pure granite sinks are heavy, and they scratch easily. Therefore, you will require professional assistance for the installation of this sink. Experts recommend patterned or marbled granite for higher resistance to scratches. Not calling for professional help during mounting can result in irreversible damage and increase the cost of your renovation. Scratches are highly visible on the polished granite surface, so you should use sharp tools with utmost caution around natural granite accessories.

Why are granite sinks so popular among kitchen remodelers?

Granite sinks are not new in the market, but the availability of materials similar in look and feel makes a choice difficult for many shoppers. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or picking out a sink for one of your clients, you will have to tackle the struggle of choosing between granite and granite composite sinks.

Quality sinks that exhibit high resistance to heat and cold, yet do not burn a hole in your pocket, are not that difficult to come by. Granite sinks have become the go-to choice of home remodelers and house owners looking for a sustainable and cost-efficient solution.

Why do experts still recommend granite sinks over composite sinks?

Granite has a uniform color that renders a sophisticated look to any kitchen. However, this uniformity is rare in composites due to their material composition. Even the best quality composite sinks may exhibit variation in colors throughout and look distinctly different from natural granite. It is not easy to fool the eyes of an expert by installing a granite composite instead of an all-natural granite sink.

Both granite and composite sinks are durable, and both of the variants are significantly costlier than porcelain, fireclay, and stainless-steel sinks of the same dimension and functionalities. One installation can last for at least a decade with thorough maintenance, if not longer. Each material can function flawlessly with little tendency of grime buildup with regular cleaning. Investing in specialized cleaning solutions for scrubbing your granite sink makes sense due to the high cost of purchase and installation. When you are about to spend a hundred-odd dollars on your kitchen sink, it makes more sense to go with pure granite.

Granite sinks offer a seamless look that blends in perfectly with tiled walls, tiled backsplashes, quartz composite countertops, and granite countertops. It is a versatile choice that can elevate the aesthetic of your entire kitchen without the additional expense of adding new cupboards or changing the tiling. The granite sink is indeed the high-end investment your kitchen needs to look like a million dollars!


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