Smart and Inexpensive Storage Ideas for Small Houses

storage ideas for small home

Living in a smaller-than-average house or apartment comes with its own set of advantages, such as lower maintenance costs and utilities, and less space that needs cleaning. However, there’s one distinctive disadvantage – a lack of storage space, which can make your rooms feel cluttered and disorganized. 

The good news is that there are simple and inexpensive solutions to create more storage space at home. And, if it’s still not enough, renting a self-storage unit will help you maintain a tidy home.

Reclaim Unused Space

It doesn’t matter how small your house is – there is always extra storage space you overlooked so far. From room corners to the wasted wall space between two pieces of furniture, look around and discover your home’s still untapped storage potential.

    • Corner shelves make great spots for storing. You’re not reducing your living space, and, at the same time, you’re putting away random, miscellaneous items that clutter your rooms. The best corners are the ones behind a door, because that’s usually dead space. Simply place a triangular-shaped shelving unit in there, or even floating shelves, and you’re all set!
    • Under the windows space can be used for extra storage. Put some nice wicker baskets under the windows and use them to store everything from toys to magazines and towels; or you can turn that space into a nice, relaxing reading nook.
    • Wall space between two pieces of furniture – those three inches of wall space between your TV stand and your living room cabinets aren’t helping anyone. Connect two larger pieces of furniture with narrow shelving or drawer units to obtain extra storage. Use floor to ceiling cube shelves wherever possible – it looks great, and stores so much stuff!
    • Entryway/hallway storage is essential for keeping a home tidy and organized. The entryway must provide storage space for all the family’s shoes and jackets. Don’t forget to add an umbrella stand and a couple of baskets for miscellaneous items. A pegboard on the wall, near the entryway, will create extra space for things like keys, bags, backpacks, hats, scarves and so on. Accessorized with hooks, baskets and coat hangers, a pegboard can hold a whole lot of clutter and it takes up practically no space at all. 
    • Get self-storage for the items you want to keep but have no place for at home. Maybe you have baby toys and clothes, a crib and a stroller that you’re not using right now but want to save for your next child. A storage unit is a good solution, particularly for families living in large cities, where space is a hot commodity. For example, renting a self-storage unit in Dallas will set you back about $93 per month for a standard 10X10 one. In return, it will allow you to live comfortably in your current home and to postpone upgrading to a bigger and thus more expensive one. 

Make the Most of Vertical Storage Solutions

Storage space is a rare commodity in your home. What to do? You can start looking at things from a vertical point of view and focus on all that unexplored potential.

Over-the-door storage solutions are inexpensive, easy to install (you don’t have to drill holes in the walls or do anything remotely complicated) and can hold plenty of things in an organized manner. Whether it’s an over-the-door organizer with pockets or an over-the-door rack, you can use one of these devices on most doors in your home. In the children’s room, they’re ideal for small toys, while in the bathroom will hold your towels or toiletries. Don’t forget about adding such organizers to all closet and pantry doors.

Mesh hammocks and mesh hanging baskets are very practical in children’s rooms. Hang a mesh hammock in a corner and you just created the perfect spot for all the plush toys.

Near the ceiling shelving – one or even two rows of shelving can be added high on the walls, near the ceiling. Use them for items like spare blankets and pillows, board games, or books you don’t need frequently.

Storage Tricks for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest area in your house. There’s plenty of cooking gear, food, plates, mugs, not to mention your child’s homework and school project. Because, obviously, the kitchen table is the best place in the entire home for such activities. Here’s how to obtain a little more storage space in your kitchen:

Slide-out rack – if you have a narrow, unused gap in your kitchen (between the fridge and the wall, for example) you can install a slide-out rack for canned foods, preserves, boxes of cereal and so on.

  • Magnetic containers – get magnetic containers for your spices or tea and stock them on the door or the sides of your fridge.
  • Backsplash storage systems are practical and look quite nice. Keep your favorite mugs and utensils at hand and enjoy a stylish kitchen at the same time.
  • Add baskets by the sides of your kitchen cabinets using command hooks. Store your cookbooks and other kitchen miscellaneous in there.
  • On the wall pot racks save cabinet space and make it easier for you to retrieve your favorite pots while cooking.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

One piece of general advice is to keep only stuff you really need in your bedroom. No reason to clutter your closet with duvets, pillows and bedsheets you never use, or clothes you haven’t touched in years. Here’s what else you can do for a clutter-free, relaxing bedroom:

    • A freestanding clothes rack is a genius bedroom accessory. It’s slender, takes very little floor space, and you can use it to organize the clothes you’re wearing during the week. Also, it helps you get rid of the dreaded “not yet dirty but also not clean” clothes pile. Instead of putting them on a chair, where they get all wrinkly, hang them on the rack and there’s a chance you’ll actually wear them again before doing laundry.
    • Bedside caddies are handy little organizers, usually with multiple pockets, that you hang on the side of you bed. Perfect to safely hold books, magazines, smartphones, tablets, glasses or remote controls. 
    • Under-the-bed storage boxes come in different shapes and sizes and are great for storing bedding, shoes, off-season clothing and so on. However, make sure you store them properly to prevent any damages.
    • Floating nightstands are a good alternative when there’s not enough space for standard nightstands. Mount some lamps on the wall and you’re all set for a night of reading in bed, with a nice cup of tea next to you.

Creativity and imagination will get you a long way when it comes to finding new methods for storing your stuff in a small home. If any of the tips and tricks helped you, or if you came up with new ideas, please let us know in the comments.



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