The Future Of Massage Therapy [Infographic]


Massage therapy has always been a  rewarding career. In fact, it was created almost 5000 years ago in the East. Our ancestors were using touch as a healing method to cure illnesses, relieve pain, and produce deep relaxation.

These days, everybody has access to a professional massage. People have changed their attitude to this procedure – they consider it an important element in health and wellness.

Needless to say, the demand for massage therapists has increased over the last few years. Everyone with completed massage course and relevant experience can find employment in fitness centres, spas, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Modern employers also add massage to the package of in-office perks in order to keep their employees longer at work.

In the nearest future, we can expect more schools and massage parlours to open. Also, professional masseuses will be able to use this opportunity and go self-employed by creating their own client lists.

Most professional massage therapists already have multiple income streams. According to experts, it’s the right time to choose this profession as a career path.

It isn’t only a well-paid job, but it also has a lot of other benefits. For instance, massage therapists can choose their ‘office hours’ and the workplace on their own. Once they go self-employed, they can also price their services and select clients to work with.

If you consider becoming a self-employed massage therapist, check out the infographic.

The Future Of Massage Therapy [Infographic]


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