10 Helpful Tips When Choosing the Right Living Room Furniture

living room furniture

Regardless if you are already living on your own or with your loved ones, having a well-decorated living room is extremely important. Keep in mind that this is the specific part of your home wherein your entire family spends a lot of time together. This is also where your guests spend most of their time.

With that in mind, it is advisable to select furniture pieces capable of creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in the living room. Each piece should also be sturdy enough that it can withstand daily abuse and wear and tear. To help you pick the right living room furniture pieces, here are some tips to remember:

#1 – Determine your preferred vibe

Before picking living room furniture, ask yourself first about the specific vibe that you want the space to emanate and feel. You can make your living room have a comfy, relaxed, or energized vibe by adding the right furniture items and arranging them correctly. You can also have a combination of the three mentioned vibes.

One thing to remember is that each vibe or feel comes with its corresponding color, shape, and texture. By figuring out the specific way you want your living room to feel, it would be easy to narrow down your choices and pick only those that are relevant. Choose pieces that are sure to bring out the feeling and vibe you are targeting.

For instance, if you intend your living room to have a cozy vibe, add furniture with warm colors and soft fabrics. You may also choose lamps that offer gentle lighting. If you prefer a minimal and elevated feel then choose furniture items that have sharp and clean lines. Accessorize the space with some pieces of marble and metal to make it more visually interesting without making it look crowded.

#2 – Make a floor plan

For this specific tip, you will find a formal grid paper useful. However, sketching the floor plan in a plain printer paper or notebook paper is already enough. You need to have a floor plan as this will give you an idea of the specific amount of space that you can allot for living room furniture.

It is also advisable to have a sketch of various fitting arrangements in your living room. This is specifically important if you plan to add a few Amish living room cabinets and arrange them beautifully. When sketching, allot at least one meter or yard of free space between each furniture item. With that, moving around or walking will be easier because it will be unnecessary to have to squeeze yourself.

#3 – Determine the specific purpose you intend the room to fulfill

Figure out how you want to use your living room. If you want it to act as the specific spot where the entire family will hang out every day, then it is advisable to invest in stain-resistant and sturdy furniture items. This is especially true if you have young kids. If it is only meant to entertain guests occasionally then you can go for more fragile furniture items and pieces constructed out of delicate materials and fabrics.

You may also want to add Amish bookcases where you can put reading materials designed to entertain your guests. Also, pay attention to the natural architecture of your living room. It is because it may have some built-in decorative elements that will guide you in determining the piece of furniture that will surely bring out the best in the room in terms of aesthetics.

For example, if the living room already features a rustic fireplace then it would be much better to pick cabin décor instead of plain modern furniture. However, if you are living in an apartment with a breathtaking city view, then you should consider integrating modern pieces of furniture into your living room, similar to a bean bag, for its unique design and comfortable nature, offering an attractive alternative to traditional sofa.

#4 – Be familiar with different themes

It is also crucial to familiarize yourself with different living room decoration themes. This can help you decide on the specific one that truly meets your requirements. Among the most common interior design themes applied in living room furniture are:

  • Contemporary and modern pieces – Furniture pieces that showcase a contemporary or modern theme usually come with clean and sleek lines. You can often see them in beige, white, and other neutral shades. It is also more common to see shiny black lacquer, metal, and glass being used in living rooms than traditional woods.


  • Traditional pieces – If you want to go for more traditional pieces for your living room then go for those categorized as traditional. These pieces are elegant because they have more formal looks. In most cases, they also have details, such as skirted bottoms and rolled arms. As for the colors, expect your choices to include rich shades of red, ivory, and other rich tones.
  • Casual pieces – You may also want to choose casual furniture pieces for your living room. This theme is perfect if you want your living room to have a cozy and friendly vibe. In most cases, casual furniture pieces use small and plaid prints, among many other casual patterns.


  • Old World furniture pieces – According to the Chesterfield Sofa Company this theme showcases a combination of Italian, Spanish, and French styles and designs. If you want to go for this theme then choose antique and rustic pieces. It is also advisable to find earthy and deep colors.

Determine your preferred theme and pick furniture pieces that are appropriate for it.

#5 – Invest in a coffee table

One important living room furniture that you should invest in is the coffee table. It even serves as the anchor to your living room. When looking for the perfect coffee table for your living room, it would be necessary to pay close attention to its height. An important point to remember is that low-slung contemporary sofas require a design that is close to the floor instead of formal high seating.

In case you feel like the coffee table will become a clutter magnet, consider picking one designed with drawers. Also, avoid thinking about just a single coffee table. Note that a trendy alternative is to have a set of side tables in the living room. This also enhances the room’s flexibility since the set will let you move them along with the seating with ease so you can place a glass or cup on it, promoting accessibility.

#6 – Measure the available space

Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the specific amount of space you are going to work with. If you did not measure the living room yet then now is the perfect time to do it. Measure the available space and use it together with the floor plan so you can visualize how you intend the space to look. Aside from measuring the space, it also helps to consider the specific locations where people look, the specific areas in your living room that have to be easily accessible, and the location of doors and windows.

This is important in determining how much space you need so you can still move around easily. If you often watch TV then look for a piece of furniture, which fits the room while being oriented to the TV. In case you want your living room to be a place for fun conversations and family game nights then invest in a coffee table, which is large enough that it can sufficiently accommodate board games while still being small and compact enough that everyone will be able to sit around it comfortably.

#7 – Choose high-quality and durable pieces

Of course, this is one of the most practical and important tips you have to remember in picking the right pieces of furniture for your living room. Avoid getting just any piece of furniture. Look for a manufacturer and shop known for the quality and durability of their items.

Aside from scrutinizing the design, research about the specific length of time the furniture will remain in excellent condition even with heavy use and abuse. The durability of the furniture is even more important, especially if you have pets and you are living with a large family.

When it comes to seats, for instance, make sure to check if the materials used in the construction are durable and stain-resistant. If you prefer leather sofas, then go for one with slipcovers or detachable cushion covers so you will not have a hard time cleaning them. The fabric also needs to be durable – one that is capable of standing years of heavy use.

#8 – Decide on appropriate armchairs and sofas

Once you are on the stage of selecting upholstered pieces, make it a point to find the most suitable armchair and sofa configuration, which perfectly suits your space. If your living space has an open-plan design, you can go for a corner sofa, which aids in zoning the seating area. Also, if you plan on adding a chaise end, make sure that there will be an in-demand soothing and relaxing area.

For more flexibility, you may want to invest in a pair of sofas. Place them at the appropriate angle with an aim to create a social arrangement. If you have matching sofas then you can also arrange them in such a way that they face each other. Doing this arrangement will add a formal feel, which makes it perfect for the living room that you use for constant entertaining.

Another great tip is to add armchairs that serve as solo seating and perfect statement pieces. You can put them in corner nooks so they will act as a quiet and peaceful space within a space.

#9 – Integrate shelving and storage

Your living room should also have furniture items that work as effective storage spaces. Note that the best storage for a living room is one capable of providing space for almost all the things you need in that specific part of your home. It also needs to have enough room to display decorative accessories. Furthermore, it should have a proper combination of open and closed choices, giving you the chance to show off vinyl records, books, and paperwork among many other items that you want to show.

It should also effectively hide those you are not fond of showing off. You may also want to check out modular shelving. This type of furniture is capable of producing a bespoke-style arrangement, which does not cost that much. While sideboards are considered as dining room staples in the past, consider investing in one for your living room.

It is because sideboards are famous for their clutter-swallowing capabilities. The topmost part of the shelving is also perfect for storing decorative accessories. The great thing about these sideboards is that they also work as beautiful focal points in your living room.

#10 – Consider additional living room furniture pieces

Keep in mind that there are instances when your living room will work as a home office. With that in mind, find a style, which is sympathetic to the lines used for the remaining living room furniture in case you plan to invest in a desk. You may also want to go for a desk with an armoire-style.

It should have doors, so you can easily transform it into a beautiful cabinet once you have finished your work. Another piece of furniture perfect for your living room is a console table. It is perfect for display and table lamps. What is good about it is that if you follow an open scheme then expect it to act as a divider of the room, too.


Your living room should be one of the most entertaining areas of your home, which is why you have to take extra care in choosing furniture. It would also be best to fill it with extra pieces for as long as the available space allows. If your living room is large then you may want to add multiple flat-top ottomans, chests, and additional seats and tables.

However, if your space is small then limit them as such might only make the area look and feel crowded. That said, space is surely one vital consideration in your search for the right living room furniture.


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