What to Expect From a Senior Living Memory Care Community

What to Expect From a Senior Living Memory Care Community

The time has finally come.

You need to come together as a family and decide what kind of care your loved one needs.

There are so many facilities, and going from independent living to nursing homes and memory care can be a tad confusing.

Apart from finding the right facility, you also can’t help but worry about them. Will they be well taken care of? Will they be safe and happy there? Will the facility meet all your expectations?

We tell you what to expect here.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care refers to facilities specially built to take care of seniors who have dementia disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Did you know that about 5.8 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s? This disorder cannot be prevented, slowed, or cured, and it’s the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.

These statistics are nothing short of staggering, and it comes as no surprise that more and more memory care facilities are cropping up.

Taking care of these seniors is no easy task, but memory care communities give them an opportunity to lead a life as normally as possible in a safe and secure environment.

Senior care Brooklyn and memory care facilities go beyond the regular assisted living care by offering exclusive amenities, special meal preparations, life engaging activities, and clinical services.

These facilities are specifically designed for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia with elements that may reduce their stress and anxiety.

Some of these elements may include fitness, memory boxes, and wellness features like spiritual enrichment, aromatherapy, and some engaging music. Given that dementia patients are likely to wander off, these communities are designed with safe walking paths and controlled doors.

What Should You Expect From a Memory Care Facility?

Dementia patients don’t respond well to stress, so you need to look for the right memory care community.

Comfort is one of the most significant factors you must consider. Dementia patients are prone to disorientation, and the facility should be designed to create a stress-free and relaxing environment.

An Improved Quality of Life

The quality of life may drastically decrease for seniors who have Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders, especially when they don’t get the proper care.

A memory care facility will offer assistance with daily activities such as bathing, getting dressed, healthy meals, and dispensing any medications needed.

These communities have trained staff members who will understand what kind of care your loved one needs and treat them with care. All the particular concerns you may have about their forgetfulness and similar challenges will be addressed accordingly. They will also get into other activities such as fitness and hobbies, all of which will improve their quality of life.

Meeting new people and being part of a community may also be good for them as it will prevent their loneliness.

Most of these activities are designed to avoid confusion, keep them calm and remind them of their hobbies and interests, which will help them stay connected to the life they barely remember.

You may expect:

  • Few or no injuries
  • Few or no falls
  • Increased nutrition
  • Reduced hospital visits
  • Great social interaction

Programs for Behavioral Issues

Seniors living with dementia disorders and other related ailments often suffer from behavioral issues and irritability that may impede on their lives.

A professional senior memory care facility, such as Esprit Whispering Ridge, will offer behavioral programs such as therapeutic and leisure programs. These will focus on mood swings, sundowning, memory impairment, and other similar issues.

Specially trained staff are always on the ready to de-escalate situations where family members may not know what to do. If your loved one is exhibiting such behaviors, it’ll help a lot of they stay at a memory care facility.

A Sense of Freedom While Still Safe

Memory care communities strive to offer a balance of freedom and security for residents.

Your loved one will not feel like a prisoner in these communities. They will have the freedom to move about in a safe environment and retain their independence to do things that make them happy.

Customized Health Care

Residents that need special medical attention will be well taken care of.

If they need a specialized diet, then the facility will go the extra mile to provide what they need to stay nourished. The dedicated staff ensures that all residents get customized nutrition and medical attention according to their needs.

Opportunity for Social Development

Socialization is an integral part of any human being and seniors are no different.

It’s even more critical for those struggling with memory loss. If you choose to take care of your loved one or hire a home health professional, you’ll be denying them the chance to socialize with other people.

In a memory care community, they will not only receive specialized care, but they will experience constant social engagement and interaction.

According to a study, loneliness and isolation are risk factors for Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. This means that socialization should not be overlooked and memory care facilities take care of this.

Safety and Security

Memory care communities are specially built for seniors with memory problems.

This means that doors are well labeled and secure enough to prevent them from wandering off the wrong places.

More often than not, you’ll find that the doors need a unique code to open, hence your loved one will be safe.

Benefit for the Whole Family

Your loved one is not the only one who will benefit from a memory care community.

The family caregivers will have an opportunity to live their lives without worry, knowing that their loved one is receiving full care and attention where they are.

Despite not being the primary caregivers, family members can also be actively involved in taking care of your loved one.

The facilities keep an open line of communication, and you can always visit them to check upon them. Besides, you’ll always be informed of any changes in their condition or care plan.

Find the Right Memory Care Community Today!

As you can see, senior living memory care communities will be beneficial to your loved one as they’ll receive personalized care and stay happier than they would be at home.

When selecting the right community, you may use a memory care checklist that will help you determine if the facility will meet your loved one’s needs.

What are your thoughts about memory care? Leave a comment.


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