4 Convincing Reasons to Camp in Cornwall

Camping in Cornwall

Thinking about going on a camping trip over the summer? If you’re looking for a good destination to pitch your tent, there are few that are better than Cornwall.

To put it simply, camping in Cornwall is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and there’s nothing else quite like it. It is safe to say that once you’ve camped there you’ll probably never want to camp anywhere else again.

If you feel that you aren’t fully convinced yet however, maybe it will help if you know some of the more compelling reasons to camp in Cornwall:

  • Picturesque countryside setting

One of the best things about camping in Cornwall is that its scenery really does look like its right out of a book. The natural beauty of the country is second to none, and will leave you breathless time and time again.

Suffice to say if you want to kick back and relax while enjoying what nature has to offer, Cornwall is the perfect choice. All you need to do is find a tranquil spot to pitch your tent and you’ll be able to unwind and really let go of your worries for the duration of your trip.

  • Tons of activities to enjoy

Make no mistake there are a lot of things to do in Cornwall, and there really is something for everyone if you look hard enough. Many campsites may have their own activities such as playgrounds, parks, and fishing lakes.

On top of that there should be other activities that are just a stone’s throw away. Some of the options that you may want to try include Cornwall’s famous coastal walks, various beach activities, or even visiting heritage sites, gardens, and other places of interest.

  • Food shouldn’t be a problem

Want to sample some of the local specialties while you’re in Cornwall? On a slightly tight budget and don’t want to fork out too much for your meals?

To be perfectly honest food shouldn’t be that much of a problem while you’re in Cornwall. If you want to treat yourself there are a lot of high-end restaurants you can visit, but if you’d rather not splurge there are plenty of more affordable options too.

In fact if you really don’t want to spend much and would prefer to save as much money as possible you could easily buy some fresh fish and other ingredients to whip up your own camp meals.

  • Numerous campsites with varied facilities

Camping is really quite popular in Cornwall, which is why there are many campsites to choose from. On your part you just need to decide roughly which part of Cornwall you’d prefer to stay at, and you should be able to find one that is nearby.

The campsites that are available all have varied facilities and can make camping a more convenient experience. For example many may have toilet, shower, laundry, cooking, and other basic facilities. Some may even provide tent rentals, so you don’t need to lug your camping gear with you on your trip.

Starting to see why camping in Cornwall is so appealing and the reasons that so many people flock to it every summer? If you haven’t already begun to plan your trip you should definitely make it a point to begin checking out the various campsites in Cornwall.

All said and done no matter what your tastes are and the type of camping trip that you prefer, you should be able to plan a trip that you enjoy. That is the beauty of camping in Cornwall – it has so much to offer that no one will be disappointed.


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